.:Airfix:. Winter is coming ~full of reissues~[?]

src: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/2681
...or even (sic!) slightly retooled ~rebox~, as the P-51D without the fin fillet [?]
The revised P-51D appears to be 'Barbara M IV', flown by Lt. Col. John C. Edwards of the 328th FS, 352nd FG, and it should be available by the end of December /
(According to T7 Models on Britmodeller community)


Blue nose bird - definitely will be a bestseller...
Let's see how the Big H changed the future releases table:
This list against another:
Not a game changer, but...  thiz suggest Airfix has some new - better sales strategy?
Slightly retool some of the products (minority) and add some new, fresh look with diffrent aroma/camo schemes (majority).
Of course - first prepare the viral & thus empty  the warehouses from the old  inventory.

Removing from the market for example the Gloster Gladiator was a suprise.
But - to be honest the standart box with prewar silver camo + one "neutral" Irish... was.. not-so-hot. 😒

Aftermarket decals for Finish or Maltese Gladiators and the desert ones was for me the obvious choice.

For me ok. If the prices are not rise, and the 2017 "new tool" range will not be damaged.

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