.:Eduard:. Riders in the Sky 1945 LE [Royal Class]

Limited Edition kit of WWII four-engines bomber aircraft Liberator GR Mk.VI and GR Mk.VIII in 1/72 scale. The kit is focused on Liberators flown by RAF Coastal Command in WWII. The photographic book tells the story of Coastal Command Liberators GR Mk.VI & VIII with a special focus on No. 311 Squadron. The kit contains two unique plastic sprues designed by Eduard.

.:Sword:. U-125A JASDF Air Rescue ||boxart||

The British Aerospace 125 is a twinjet mid-size business jet. Originally developed by de Havilland and initially designated as the DH125 Jet Dragon, it entered production as the Hawker Siddeley HS.125, which was the designation used until 1977. Later on, more recent variants of the type were marketed as the Hawker 800.

[...]The Air Rescue Wing Komatsu Detachment is a unit of the Air Rescue Wing of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. It is also known as the Komatsu Air Rescue Squadron. Responsible for airborne search and rescue, it is based at Komatsu Air Base in Ishikawa Prefecture. It is equipped with UH-60J and U-125A aircraft.

.:A & A Models:. VJ-101C-X1 (first prototype) - sprues/decals

Finally we finished VJ-101C-X1 (first prototype).
This October launching distribution...
The set includes 107 plastic parts, PE sheet, coloring masks, 2 marking variants, 2 canopy variants (open/closed)...

.:Hasegawa:. Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 `Night Fighter` ||boxart||

ICM Plastic...
 images src hobbysearch Japan....

.:Print Scale:. Dornier Do-217#decals

Hm... Vintage Italeri? Or should we wait for ICM (2020? 2021?)
 1. Dornier Do 217 K-0
Unit/Location: Testbed for Torpedo-bombing, Gothenhafen-Hexengrund, Germany April 1943. Code: RD+JF. Werknummer: 4407. Background: This plane was used extensively for Torpedo-dropping and was the test-bed for the never to be realized M-2 
Torpedo-Bomber variant. It was decided, that the Ju 88 is more suiteable for the job.

2. Dornier Do 217 K-1
Unit/Location: Stab KG 2, Soesterberg/Holland, May 1943. Code: U5+AA, Werknummer: 4415. Background: Walter Bradel, the former CO of II./KG 2 took over KG 2 on 01.05.1943. In his first sharp bombing raid of the Geschwader in the night of 04./05.05.1943 Bradel and his crew took part in this plane on the attack on Norwich. On their way back they were attacked by a Mosquito 
night fighter and both motors badly damaged. The pilot, Lt. Ernst Andress made an emergency landing near Amsterdam. He and another crew member were injured, but bomb aimer Werner Becker and Bradel were killed. Bradel only, because he was not strapped! Bradel was a highly experienced officer who earned the Ehrenpokal and the Knights Cross before, when he led II./KG 2 for years and therefore was a heavy loss.

3. Dornier Do 217 K-1
Unit/Location: III./KG 2, Gilze-Rijen/Holland, August/September 1943. Code: (U5)+A(D), Werknummer: unknown. Background: This plane first had a very similar appearance as the U5+AA, but the mounting bombing attacks towards the British Islands over the summer of 1943 led to a toning down of the national and individual markings, so that only the individual green "A" was left on the fuselage sides. This plane was flown by Albert Schreiweis, who led III./KG 2 as CO from 14.08.1943 until it's disbandment 1945 to survive the war. Schreiweis earned the Ehrenpokal and the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold for his efforts.

4. Dornier Do 217 K-2
Unit/Location: 9./KG 100, Istres/France, Summer-Autumn 1943. Code: (6N)+H(T), Werknummer: unknown. Background: This was one of the 11 Do 217 K-2 who went after the Italian Fleet on 09.09.1943 that possibly were on their way to Malta. They damaged some defecting Vessels with the then brand new and unknown "Fritz X" guided bombs and to sink the Battleship Roma in this action.

5. Dornier Do 217 M-1
Unit/Location: 2./KG 2, Hesepe/Germany, 23./24.02.1944. Code: U5+DK, Werknummer: 56051. Background: When "Operation Steinbock" was launched, KG 2 was heavily involved in bombing raids towards the British islands between January and April 1944. Hermann Stemann and his crew took part in a raid to London in the night 23./24.02.1944. This plane carried one AB 1000 and two AB 500 bombs and was flying through heavy Flak over London when Stemann thought their plane was hit, all crew bailed out in the Wembley area to become POW's. But in reality U5+DK took no big hits and flew on some 60 miles to come down near 
Cambridge nearly intact in a smooth wheels up landing

.:DorawWings:. Savoia s-55 #renders

 The Savoia-Marchetti S.55 was a double-hulled flying boat produced in Italy, beginning in 1924. Shortly after its introduction, it began setting records for speed, payload, altitude and range
 ↑src wikimedia commons↑

.:A&A Models:. Mirage VI A - sprues, PE, decals

Hello friends,
Production process of 1/72 Mirage VI A is under way.
Bellow you could find few pictures of its sprues and decals for 3 marking schemes. Photo-etched sheet included as usual.
Release - Early/Mid October
A&A Models
Здравствуйте друзья!
Производственный процесс Mirage IV A в 72-ом масштабе уже на финальном этапе. Ниже приведены фотографии серийных отливок и декалей. Фототравленка прилагаeтся.

.:AVM Scale Models:. A-29 Super Tucano #quick_L00k_

Info by and photos by Mick Burton/ Brightsparkdecals
Previously on this blog: https://www.72news.eu/2017/01/avm-super-tucano-incoming.html

.:NH_Detail:. Dassault Mirage F1 EQ/ED Detail set for Special Hobby

new detail set:
A72-070 Dassault Mirage F1 EQ/ED Detail set for Special Hobby (72386)
More info - at NH_Detail site ( http://scalemodels-bg.com/nhdetail/?language=en )