.:Xtradecal:. Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 Collection Part.2

Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 Collection Part.2 (11)
Buccaneer S.2B XX895 208 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth 1993
Buccaneer S.2 XN981 981 208 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth late 1983.
Buccaneer S.2 XT275 235/H 801 NAS Royal Navy HMS Hermes 1970.
Buccaneer S.2 XX901 901 216 Sqn RAF Honington 1980.
Buccaneer S.2 XV344 809 NAS Royal Navy RAF Lossiemouth 1969.
Buccaneer S.2B XX892 I/Glen Lossie based at RAF Lossiemouth but detached to Dhahran
Saudi Arabia during Operation Granby 1990
Buccaneer S.2 XX901 208 Sqn based at RAF Lossiemouth but participated in Red Flag meet Nevada USA 1977
Buccaneer S.2 XV869 869/4 208 Sqn RAF Honington 1981.
Buccaneer S.2 XV333 234 801 NAS Royal Navy RAF Lossiemouth 1967.
Buccaneer S.2B XW986 of Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) RAF Boscombe Down 1974.
Buccaneer S.2 XW529 of Royal Aircraft Establishment RAF Boscombe Down 1980

.:Revell:. C-160D Transall ESS/NG #released

#03916 kit.no
The Transall C-160 is a military transport aircraft, produced as a joint venture between France and Germany. "Transall" is an abbreviation of the manufacturing consortium Transporter Allianz, comprising the companies of MBB, Aerospatiale and VFW-Fokker.It was initially developed to meet the requirements for a modern transport aircraft for the French and German Air Forces; export sales were also made to South Africa and to Turkey, as well as a small number to civilian operators.

The C-160 remained in service more than 50 years after the type's first flight in 1963. It has provided logistical support to overseas operations and has served in specialist roles such as an aerial refueling tanker, electronic intelligence gathering and as a communications platform.

The C-160 is expected to be replaced in French and German service by the Airbus A400M Atlas.

.:XtraDecal:. Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 Collection Part.1

Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 Collection Part.1 (10)
Buccaneer S.2 XW550/X 16 Sqn RAF Laarbruch West Germany 1977.
Buccaneer S.2 XV357 612/LM 803 NAS Royal Navy RAF Lossiemouth 1971.
Buccaneer S.2 XT287 237 OCU RAF Honington 1972.
Buccaneer S.2 XT277/H 809 NAS Royal Navy HMS Hermes 1960's.
Buccaneer S.2 XT270/C 12 Sqn RAF Honington 1972.
Buccaneer S.2 XV867 655/LM 736 NAS Royal Navy RAF Lossiemouth 1970.
Buccaneer S.2B XV345 XV1/2 XV Squadron RAF Laarbruch West Germany 1979.
Buccaneer S.2 XN977/230 801 NAS Royal Navy HMS Victorious 1966.
Buccaneer S.2 XT281/281 Unknown Squadron Royal Air Force 1981.
Buccaneer S.50 G-2-1 South African Air Force 1970s. 

.:Eduard:. Fokker D. VII (OAW) - toy fair edit.

Nürnberg 2019
The sprues for our new Fokker D.VII (OAW) kit in 1/72 scale which were given to all participants of our Press Conference. The kit will be released in May 2019.
Norimberk 2019
Výlisky nového Fokkera D.VII (OAW) v měřítku 1/72, které dostali účastníci tiskové konference. Prodej stavebnice zahájíme v květnu 2019

.:IBG Models:. PZL P.11A/C/G #boxarts

Brand new family of 1/72 P.11s from IBG Models was announced some time ago. Unfortunately we had several months delay with them, but now the production is coming to an end. The first 3 kits should be ready in spring, we're aiming for April and hope to deliver the kits then. In the meantime check out the boxarts!
Zupełnie nowa rodzina P.11tek w skali 1/72 od IBG Models była już ogłoszona jakiś czas temu, niestety mieliśmy kilka miesięcy opóźnienia. Na szczęście w tej chwili wszystko wskazuje na to że produkcja ma się ku końcowi i modele powinny być dostępne na wiosnę. Celujemy w kwiecień i mamy nadzieję że więcej opóźnień już nie będzie (ale niestety jak pokazuje praktyka, nie możemy tego wykluczyć). W międzyczasie prezentujemy boxarty!
boxarts by Górecki