.:Azur Frrom:. SMB-2 Super Mystere #decals

 Due for May release are two initial boxings of the French SMB-2 Super Mystere, a kit Special Hobby have prepared for Azur-Frrom partner. Both these kits contain various and highly colourful French marking options, now we are happy to share with you the image of the sheets which are currently being printed in Italy. Almost finished is the last of all the project’s moulding blocks, the one containing various underwing stores, both for the original French machines and for those flown and operated by the Israeli Air Force – the latter to be released by Special Hobby towards the end of this year.
Czech modellers will have the oportunity to get their hands on these Azur-Frrom models via our on-line store www.specialhobby.eu

.:Squadron:. Haunebu II Civil ver.

HAUNEBU II LIMITED PREMIUM VERSION. This new, limited, premium version of the Haunebu II consists of a resin upgrade set to convert the military version into a civilian platform that includes a very detailed top deck/observation bunker, rear port, choice of top dome (resin or vacu-form acetate), 12 upgraded wheels, radome disc for main upper body and bottom cover discs (4) to replace kit ball turrets with choice of installing laser units or clear bulbs. Also included are exquisite Falcon clear vacu-canopies and beautiful decal markings by Cartograph to represent a civilian space-expeditionary livery. The state of the art instruction manual booklet includes a full color profile and painting guide as well as a brief history of the Hannebu II.

Thx to Woody for the info:)

.:NH Detail:. New release for april 2019

I send a picture of our new detail set:
A72-073 Aero L-159A/E Alca Detail Set for KP (KPM 0118, KPM 0119)
More info - at  site ( http://nhdetail.scalemodels-bg.com )

.:SBS Model:. Caudron C.450 for Moson Show 2019

Bonjour all! It's time to announce our new model kit release for Mosonshow. In the last two years we released some Italian airplanes, but this year will be truely French :-) First one is the glorious and most beautiful French racer ever the Caudron C.450 in 1/72! 🇭🇺🇫🇷🇫🇷🇭

.:Fine Molds:. IJN 12-shi Carrier-Based Fighter & Zero Fighter Model 11

cat. no.FNMFP-34
...and the blurb:
2019 marks the 80th year since the first flight of a Zero-class fighter, the 12-shi fighter, which was the prototype for this famous aircraft, as well as the Zero Fighter Model 11, and this kit from Fine Molds brings us both of these historical aircraft in one set!
The 12-shi features new molds for parts such as the engine and propeller and tail that accurately recreate the aircraft, while the Zero Model 11 has a newly molded windshield. The kit comes with two types of markings, including one for the first zero fighting unit 12th division captain, Minoru Suzuki.
The 12-shi features 78 parts, while the Zero Model 11 has 88 parts in total.