.:Hasegawa:. Kawasaki T4 Ashiya Special 2016 #incoming

january 2017, LE
Ashiya Air Base was taken over by the US after WWII, used throughout the Korean War, then handed back to Japan in the sixties. Today, the shorter runway at Ashiya is used to fly off training missions for the JASDF. Their Kawasaki T4 trainers are some of the most agile small jet aircraft available. The type was originally introduced in 1988 and just over two hundred were built. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft with special decals for Ashiya Air Base.

Decal Options:
  1. JASDF 13FTW Ashiya Special Code: 634 (06-5634) Oct., 2016
  2. JASDF 13FTW Ashiya Special Code: 807 (26-5807) Oct., 2016

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