.:Platz:. Heinkel He-219A-0 "Uhu" |Werner Streib|

The box of the rebox
First of all.
Thank you.
To my first supporter - mr. g....us@gmail.com the nice and first ever person, who kindly donated a few buck - so I can buy a licence for blogger skin /a.k.a.template/* and  thus the removing of some strange parts of the code is possible from now.
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To all readers- if you see some hiccups with this blog, please drop me a msg about this /email above/ or via the contact form.

 new decals for 
  And PE set by Platz... Made by Eduard.
Ok. Now I'm waiting for some form of uhu vs owl deathmatch.
Revell will down-scale  his 32 model and Tamiya do the same with 48 scale He-219...
Let's the mortal & plastic combat begin!

That's all for now, take care and subscribe |below!| for more info.

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