.:ICM:. Focke-Wulf Fw189A1 -more detailed pics #inbox

Previously on this blog:
Dear ICM staff...
How to do sprue pic in the proper way...
All pics courtesy of www.superhobby.com
They are all watermarked, but if you can send me better...
Sprues a
The clear parts... Pray for any good, this subject with his highly polished  a glass vernanda...
man ICM Fw-198A-1$

$ cat schemes:

The decals.
Yep, ICM has delivered very nice model in the King Scale. Of course, the full fury will be unleashed with some help from a Eduard & Quicboost & Aires. I hope...soon.
Now a small petition to Revell and Hase Gods:
STOP|give us new tooled kits instead of reboxing above kit.|STOP|
Sincerely: the modellers community and the 72news.eu/ at your service/

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