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De Havilland Venom / 72-319 /
1. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WE 348 of Wing Commander J.T.Shaw, RAF Wunsdorf Wing Leader at RAF Tangmere in June 1953. Wing Commander’s pennant on nose. Tip tanks appear to be yellow. Small black and white checks on rudder and top and bottom of tailplane.

2. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WE 380 L-B of  No. 98 Squadron, RAF Fassberd 1953-55. Red lightning flash outlined in white on nose and tip tanks.

3. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WE 388 A-M of 118 Squadron, RAFJever 1953-55. Black lightning flash outlined in white on nose and tip tanks. Code letter ( M) on tanks in red outlined white.

4. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WE 401 L-A of 16 Squadron, RAF Celle in September 1954. Black band outlined in yellow on booms.
5. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WK 403 of 94 Squadron aerobatic team, RAF Celle 1954-57. Silver tip tanks with eight maroon bands. Squadron bars on booms.
6. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WK 418 V of 145 Squadron, RAF Celle 1954-57. Squadron insignia on nose. Squadron bars on booms. Yellow (V) on nose and wheel door. Squadron badge on nose.

7. De Havilland Venom FB.1 WE 360 K of  No. 60 Squadron, RAF Tengah mid-1950s. Black tanks with nose in blue. ‘B’ Flight colour, no white lightning flash, code letter in white. Black rudders. Code letter on nose in black. Black and green squadron bars on booms
Martin Marauder B-26F/G / 72-321 /

1. B-26, F-1-MA. Unit/Location: 586th BS/394th BG, Holmsley South/Great Britain, August 1944. Code: Black 42-96255 / H9-P "Miss Manookie"
Comments: The artwork on this plane was done by the prolific artist Frank Spangler and it completed some 60 missions.

2. B-26, F-1-MA. Unit/Location: 553rd BS/386th BG, Great Dunmow/Great Britain, 
August 1944. Code: Black 43-96316 / AN-K. . Comments: This plane did not feature any nose art.
3. B-26, G-1-MA. Unit/Location: 585th BS/394th BG, Cambrai-Niergnies/France, 1944/45. Code: Yellow 43-34213 / 4T-C "The Old Goat". Comments: The nose art of the 394th BG always appeared on both sides of the fuselage.

4. B-26, G-5-MA. Unit/Location: 494nd BS/344th BG, Cormeilles-en-Vexin/France, March 1945. Code: Black 43-34384 / K9-B "Little Eve" . Comments: "Eve" was shown on both sides of the fuselage. The triangle on the fin was worn with and without white fillings at a time and is both included on the sheet as modelers choice.

5. B-26, G-15-MO. Unit/Location: 442nd BS/320th BG, Longvic/France, January 1945. Code: Black 43-34284 / Yellow 32 "Green Eyed Glodine". Pilot: Lt. Robert A. Perrine. Comments: This plane was named after the pilots wife Glodine.

6. B-26, G-25-MA. Unit/Location: 586th BS/394th BG, Boreham/Great Britain, Autumn 1944. Code: Black 44-464129 / H9-J "Li'l Ass" . Pilot: Lt. A.R.Danner. Comments: The nose art of the 394th BG always appeared on both sides of the fuselage.
Bristol Beaufort Part 1 / 72-327 /
1. Bristol Beaufort Mk. l . L4449:OA-H of No. 22 Squadron, Thorney Island, UK, January 1940. B scheme of Dark Green and Earth with Sky undersides.

2. Bristol Beaufort Mk. l. N1016: OA-X of No. 22 Squadron, St Eval, UK. Flown by FO Kenneth Campbell during attack on Gneisenau, Brest, 6 April 1941.
3. Bristol Beaufort Mk. l. W6498: WA-K of No. 42 Squadron, Leuchars, Scotland,1941. B scheme of Dark Earth and Dark Green with roughly sprayed black  undersurfaces. Codes in white. 

4. Bristol Beaufort Mk. l. AW243:AW-O of No. 42 Squadron, Leuchars, Scotland, December 1941. Piloted by PO Philpot, one of the ‘Wooden Horse’ escapers. B scheme of dark Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey with Sky undersurfaces. Note the cut back faring around the rear turret to improve the arc of fire.

5. Bristol Beaufort Mk. l. L9802:GX-S of No. 415 Squadron, Thorney Island, November 1941. B scheme of Dark Slate Grey and
Extra Dark Sea Grey with black undersurfaces. Codes in black with aircraft letter in white and also on nose in yellow.
6. Bristol Beaufort Mk. lA LR906:42 of No. 2 Torpedo Training Unit,  Castle Kennedy, Scotland, September 1943.
Overall white finish with Extra Dark Sea Grey on upper surfaces. Codes in Dark Slate Grey.
7. Bristol Beaufort Mk. lA. Ek997 of the A&AEE used for tests of an airborne flame thrower for fighter defence, Boscombe Down, England, Spring 1943. Type B scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey over Sky lower surfaces. Note the pipe and nozzle extending from the open bomb bay.

8. Bristol Beaufort Mk. lA L9965:T of  an unknown Mediterranean unit circa 1942. Scheme type B of Dark and Light Mediterranean Blues over Azure Blue lower surfaces. Code in Azure Blue. 

9. Bristol Beaufort Mk. lA EK979:35 of the Middle East Check and Conversion Unit, Bilbeis, Egypt, July 1944. Type A scheme of Middle Stone and Dark Earth over Azure Blue lower surfaces. Codes in white. Spinners red. 

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