.:Freightdog:. 1/72 Supermarine Type 327 ^Shrew^ What-if kit #released

Supermarine Type 327 Shrew kit initial stock are now listed on my website. Limited availability until new batch arrives from caster. Price is £35.00 plus postage. Built up example by Jen Wright.
 Complete resin kit cast by CMR, vacform canopies by Rob Taurus and Fantasy Printshop screen printed decals.
src: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/featured/freightdog-1-72
Air Ministry Specification F.18/37 called for a Hurricane and Spitfire replacement, a high-speed single seat fighter capable of operation in any part of the world. A number of manufacturers tendered suitable designs, including Hawker Aircraft who submitted the Vulture powered Tornado, and the Napier Sabre Typhoon, both of which faltered with engine development problems. The Supermarine company also tendered a series of designs to meet the specification, including the Type 327 twin engine fighter armed with six Hispano cannons mounted in the wing root, powered by two Merlin engines and fitted with a tricycle undercarriage. A full scale mock-up was completed in 1938, combining features of three different designs, Types 324, 325 and 327. Several variations were proposed, include a pusher design and alternative Taurus radial engine powered option. Unfortunately, the Type 327 did not progress beyond the drawing board.

Our kit depicts a What-If operational version of the Type 327, based on a service entry of late 1942, however it might have entered service sooner had it had a trouble-free development. The breakdown of the kit allows for further developments along the lines of the Spitfire, with larger engines and increased size tail assembly to compensate, naval developments or perhaps a fighter bomber version, which will hopefully follow if sales of the initial boxing are promising.

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