.:Eduard:. Fw-190 A5/A8 Overtrees LE

Limited edition kit of Germany’s WWII fighter aircraft, the Fw 190A in 1/72 scale (Dual combo), is focused on aircraft flown by Jagdgeschwader 54 Grünherz. Both Fw 190A-5 and A-8 versions can be built. Each version is offered with two optional wings.
To build the other 6 attractive colour schemes and increase your kit options, we also offer Overtrees and Overlept sets. Overtrees sets offer a choice of wing type. By purchasing the basic kit and the Overtrees kit that contains only small parts (cat. no. 70110X), you can build two complete models at a good price.
- Fw 190A-8 OVERTREES 1/72– A-8, cat. no. 70111X (A-8 with a universal wing – bulge for external guns on the upper side),
- Fw 190A-8 w/early wings OVERTREES 1/72, cat. no. 70114X (A-8 without a bulge for external guns on the upper side)
- Fw 190A-5 Light OVERTREES 1/72, cat. no. 70116X (A-5 smooth wing, two-cannon type),
- Fw 190A-5 Heavy OVERTREES 1/72, cat. no. 70117X (A-5 four-cannon type wing with bulges),
- Fw 190A small parts OVERTREES 1/72, cat. no. 70110X

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