.:Kora Models:. Focke - Wulf Fw44 x 10 box[+arts]

Brazilian Navy & Brazilian Air Force kit. no. KPK7238
The Focke-Wulf Fw 44 is a 1930s German two-seat biplane known as the Stieglitz ("Goldfinch"). It was produced by the Focke-Wulf company as a pilot training and sport flying aircraft. It was also eventually built under license in several other countries.
Finnish Service  kit no. KPK7239

Swiss & Danish Service kit no. KPK7245

Slovakian & Czechoslovakian Service KPK7246

Focke Wulf Fw 44D & Fw 44F Stieglitz German Winter Trainer Early Ski Type Kora Models - Nr. KPK7247
German Winter Trainer Late Ski Type Kora Models - Nr. KPK7248 
German Liaison & Courier Service Kora Models - Nr. KPK7249
German School Service Kora Models - Nr. KPK7250
Captured by US Troops  kit no. KPK7251

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