.:Arma Hobby:. PZL P.7A *painting schemes* 8x /deluxe set/

serial number 6.30, “white 3” from 123.Fighter (Krakow) Squadron, September 1939.
cpt. pil. Mieczysław Olszewski was killed in this plane on september first.

PZL P.7a, serial number 6.125, “blue 5” from 162. Fighter Squadron from Lwów. In
 1939 the unit was assigned to Army “Łódź”

White 13, serial no. 6.112, ex 123 Fighter Squadron, Scoala de Perfectionare (Advanced Flying School), Romania, november 1940

P.7A captured by Luftwaffe, Dęblin - Irena 1940

white 9, unknown serial, 132 "Poznań" fighter squadron ca. 1936
Special temporary markings for the mid-30’s military excercise applied with white-wash paint.

white 31, aircraft adorned with white - red stripes on the wings, pilot Leopold Pamuła. Emblem onf 141. Fighter Squadron/ /Toruń

White 7 - 122. Fight. Squadron - Karol Pniak machine, member of famous Bajan Aerobatic Team

111 Fighter Squadron, 1933 - 1935

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