.:Arma Hobby:. Decals for the PZL P.7A

Decals for PZL P.7a are final touch in model production, a cherry on top. Without them model is just not ready and looses impact. Hhighest quality of decals are needed for model with such small wings and tailplanes panel corrugation. See how we have faced this challenge in PZL P.7a Deluxe Set
kalkomanie PZL P.7a

We needed highest possible decals for P.7a kit. So they were ordered in probably the best decal printing company – Italian Cartograf!
Kalkomania PZL P.7a logo Szomański
Quality of printing is outstanding. It is perfect even with small Szomanski propeller logos (less than 1.0 mm diameter). See photos of original  logo.
PZL P.7a decals 1/72
Kalkomanie PZL P.7a skala 1/72
kalkomania PZL P.7a nie Techmod
Decals conforms well corrugated panels on wings. They need some more attention on wing undersurfaces. There are ribs where panels were rivetted. National insignia without white squares works well with decal solutions. Two or more color decals needs more work, eg. cutting along ribs with sharp blade.

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