.:Special Hobby:. SB2C-5 Helldiver ~new parts~

#incoming spring 2017


For our forthcoming reboxing of Academy SB2C-4 kit, a set of new conversion parts has been prepared here and all these items will allow the modeller to build the kit in the Dash Five version. The new parts will be produced in two formats, the cockpit parts, u/c wheels, napalm tanks and some others will be produced from resin, the others will be of standard styrene injected into a metal mould. These styrene parts will cover the new cockpit canopy, enlarged bomb bay doors with actuators, a new bomb bay bulkhead with bomb release arms and a new broad-bladed propeller. So let´s take a lookt at the conversion part computer rendered images below.

All pics by Ⓒ and Special Hobby

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