.:Hasegawa:. P-38H/J Lightning "European Theatre" #incoming

With its combination of four .50 cal machine guns and one 20mm cannon, all clustered in the nose of the aircraft, the P-38 Lightning had a firing rate of roughly 4,000 rounds a minute. In every theater of the war that was plenty of firepower to bring the biggest birds down… and with the accuracy to get a good shot in at the nimblest, as well. In Europe, specifically, the type was also pressed into action as a fighter bomber. This limited edition kit combo features two P-38s with 8th Air Force decals.

Decal Options:

  •     P-38H : USAAF 8AF 55FG 38FS Lt. Col. Jack Jenkins Code: CG-J (42-67074) Oct., 1943
  •     P-38J : USAAF 8AF 20FG 55FS Capt. Roy Scrutchfield Code: KI-N: Jeanne (43-28430)

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