.:Azur From:. Northrop Gamma | .:Special Hobby:. Norhrop Delta #incoming

As the Mr. Riedel stated @ modelforum.cz

Northrop Delta Δ

Fist version made for Azur/Frrom - two boxes ~narrow cockpit/single seat for pilot - Spanish and civ service
Special Hobby - box with wide [two pilot] cockpit - markings for a RAAF machine, US; Ethiopia and USCG.
Releases from the SH are targeted for early spring ie. april or may.

Northrop GAMMA Γ:

Azur FR0034
Two seat bomber, as used by Chinese Forces, will be prepared with two decal schemes with chinese camo, and one extra bonus test machine with UK markings.

Autumn 2017:
Canadian Northrop Delta Δ
Short-run tech for main parts, small details - aluminium molds

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