.:Hasegawa:. F-15J Eagle "306sq 35th Anniversary" LE #incoming

From Komatsu to you

Since 1958, the airbase at Komatsu has been operated by the Japan Air Self Defense Forces and as a civilian passenger and cargo hub. It's also a site for frequent Blue Impulse demonstrations and, since 2007, has been the station of a large number of F-15 fighters. A total of 213 F-15Js have been built for the JASDF, making it the primary air superiority aircraft for Japan. This limited edition kit features special decals for 303 and 306 squadrons at Komatsu Air Base.

Decal Options:

  •     JASDF 303SQ Komatsu A.B., Festival Special Marking Code : 859 (52-8859) Sep., 2016
  •     JASDF 306SQ 35th Anniversary Special Marking Code : 866 (62-8866) Komatsu A.B. Sep., 2016

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