.:BRENGUN:. YakovlevYak-1 (mod. 1941) BRP72020 #firstlook

Which one?
January boxart
Or may boxart?
Let's see the first testshoot of the sprues:)
Closer look:

Propeller, landing gear legs, some inside/cockpit parts:
Fins/stabilizer + engine cowlings and guns fairings:
Details of engine cowling, and external cooler

 Some resin parts:
 And of course the clear
 PE fret:
Photo-film for...
 Inside view - landing gear bays details - a nice touch.
 A front panel of the resin cooler

Closer look @fuselage inside:

Fine and crisp detail[?]
Look @ the rudder:

The tailwheel.

all photos by Mr. Hladik Lada modelweb/modelforum

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