.:Prop & Jet:. Sukhoi Su-5 #boxart

Boxart by Eugeny Knupfer

The Sukhoi Su-5 or I-107 was a Soviet mixed-power (propeller and motorjet) prototype fighter aircraft built toward the end of World War II.[...]
The Su-5 (initially I-107) and the conceptually similar Mikoyan-Gurevich I-250 were designed in 1944. The aircraft first flew on 6 April 1945 and underwent limited flight testing. It was subsequently fitted with a laminar flow wing and attained 793 km/h (428 kn, 493 mph) at 4,350 m (14,270 ft) with the motorjet functioning. On 15 June 1945, the Klimov VK-107A piston engine was damaged beyond repair in flight. Following acquisition of another VK-107A, flight testing continued until 18 October when the engine reached the end of its service life. No further VK-107As could be procured and the project was canceled. /wikipedia..the free etc. etc./

And photo courtesy of Prop & Jet:

.:AIMS:. Junkers Ju-88P conv. set for Revell... #incoming

pssss.... Dragon 1/48 boxart(-;
Coming later this year 1/32 and 1/72 Ju 88 P conversion for Revell kits plus in April small stand alone decal option in 1/48 for Dragon Ju 88 P kit


.:Hasegawa:. Saab AJ-37 Viggen LE

Critical canard

The Saab Viggen was the first mass-produced fighter to use canards. Canards improve the landing characteristics and stability of delta wing aircraft. These aircraft were designed to be totally rugged. They could operate in the frigid climate of Sweden. They were easy to maintain so that small groups of inexperience mechanics could keep them running. They could even operate from comparatively small, ad hoc runways. This limited edition kit features detailed parts and full decals for a Swedish Air Force version.

Decal Option:

Swedish A.F. Sw AFHF Code: 7-52 (SE-DXN) F7 2016

Photo on the box by Ben Montgomery.

HPM Hobbies: AIM-9B Sidewinder #incoming

The next in our 3D printed missile range will be the AIM-9B Sidewinder and TDU-11/A Mk26 Training Rocket. Both of these will be supplied with the AERO-3B rail.

The AIM-9B Sidewinder was the first generation of the famous air to air missile, and was widely exported.

Training pilots to use the system required a target rocket and the TDU-11/A round fitted with the Mk26 illuminating head was often used. We have evidence of use with the USAF F-100 Super Sabre and RAAF Dassault Mirage IIIO - anyone know of others?

These will be available as sets of two missiles initially in 1/72

.:Airfix:. 3D printed Phantom prototype and B-25 testshoot #Nurenberg2017

3d prints on the closer look. Canopy is.. still beter than some short-run kits;]
and fantastic portrait of the upcoming B-24 Mitchel from Airfix.
Photos src Scale Aircraft Modelling - SAM

.:Brengun:. Boxarts for A-36 Apache/Invader

Interessing. The author of the boxarts is the   artist Gino Marcomini. Eyecatching boxarts... I really like it
Ach, Gino M site: → www.oxygino.com

.:RS Models: Bloch MB-155 #released

kit no 92199
 Sir Robert from the RS Models just kindly sent me these pictures. So, the Bloch MB-155 is now on sale.
 Na-645 Yale is expected in the end of February
As Sir Robert stated:
We presented information about models scheduled for a near future, no an phantasy over next two years.

.:MasterX:. Junkers F.13 / Junkers G.24 conversion sets #incoming

MX7226.01 - Junkers G.24/he "Luftwaffe"
  MX7226.02 - Junkers G.24/he "Jannina"
Info courtesy of research done sir Homebee @ britM. forum