.:Modelsvit:. Mikoyan - Gurevich I-320 #sprues

cat. no. 72038
 Soon to be released...
 The Mikoyan-Gurevich I-320 was a prototype Soviet long-range all-weather jet Interceptor of the late 1940s-early 1950s. Only two were made, with no production following.
I-320 on 72news.eu:


.:Bat Project:. Siemens-Schuckert D.I early & late #incoming

.:High Planes:. Vickers 0.303 Mk 1915 Gun x 2

Sometimes you have the chance to create a product on a whim. I was building an old WWI Sopwith Camel kit and decided the guns could be much better. Hence our latest release : the Vickers 0.303 Mk 1915 Machine Gun.
The set comes with two guns and the cocking handles are delicately reproduced. As with all 3D printed products a little light sanding is needed after priming to remove some strata lines.


.:AMG:. Family of early Messerschmitts 109. [Sprues!]

Jumo-schmitts... in the 72 scale.
Release is set for july 2017.
And now... The pics.

.:IBG:. PZL 42 /sprue photos/ and PZL 23A "Karaś" #boxart

Boxart... by Arkadiusz Wróbel

and the PZL 42 Sprues:

.:Rising Decals:. Mitsubishi G4M1/2 Type 1 Rikko (Betty)

(Rising Decal RD72-075) 

also upcoming releases from Rising Decals:

  • Bücker Bü 131 in Japan (Bü 131/K9W1/Ki-86) (Rising Decal RD72-076)
  • Japanese Early Birds (Rising Decal RD72-077)
  • Last Flight, Japanese a/c of Special Attack Units (Rising Decal RD72-078)

.:Special Hobby:. Fulmar ^ decals + PE #incoming

 Surprisingly... The decals for the Fulmar reissue will be made by... wait for it... Cartograf...
And because there is no multimedia kit w/o PE, here is:
The Sweet little gem by SH😆

.:IBG:. PZL.23A Karaś... Sprues shoots..

We present the sprues for our brand new 1/72 PZL.23A Karaś kit! Available in shops in the very first days of June!

In case you missed:


.:Scaleworks:. Kfir C.10/CE conversion for AMK #incoming

Ok, AMK IAI "Kfir" has unreleased status, but some lucky people got the samples.

And Scaleworks [→www.scaleworx.com←] is among them. Not without a reason...

Faceb00k announcement/photo made with famous screensoot tech!/

.:Hasegawa:.Martin P5M-2G Marlin "Coast Guard" #july

Ready to rescue

While the P5M Marlin flying boat was originally intended for naval patrols, the United States Coast Guard relied on the P5M-2G variant for air-sea rescues. This version was equipped with a T-tail that protected tail surfaces from excess spray, as well as an AN/ASQ-8 MAD boom to detect submarines. However, Marlins were deemed too difficult to maintain, so the Coast Guard eventually transferred their fleet over to the United States Navy. This limited edition kit features one marking option for the United States Coast Guard.

Decal Option:

  •     US Coast Guard

.:Rising Decals:. UPcoming resin sets

Cowling for F1M2 (early version) + two blade propeller + decals for Prototype "Ko-M-25" (Rising Decal RD-ACR.036)
20mm cannon Type 99 for E13A1 "Jake" + decals "58-081" (Rising Decal RD-ACR.038)
J1N1-R with de Boysson turret - resin set with and vacu-formed parts + decals (Rising Decal RD-ACR.039)

.:DF Helo Stuff:. New decals sheets for german & japan copters

Bell UH-1D "Operation Kurdenhilfe"


CH-53 Kurdenhilfe

.:Zvezda:. Mikoyan Mig-29SMT {CMT} #boxart

МиГ-29СМТ cat. no. 7309
Extra Pre - order bonuses for https://armata-models.ru/catalog/istrebiteli/7309/
/the price of this kit is still unknown btw/
 Decals for three subjects...inc