.:Revell:. Hobbico Files for Bankruptcy #br3akin^news

src: https://www.reuters.com/article/bankruptcy-hobbico/

The Plan:
1)Buy a StarWars Ⓡ licence [they said!]
2)(...) Magic happens!
3)profit Chapter 11 happens

P.S. To the future Revell owners - give us the newly tooled kits, we give u some money...

.:Arma Hoby: PZL P.11c Junior Set [art for the box]

70016 1/72
Techmod printed decals...

Some details about this particular camo scheme... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL_P.11
"[...]the exhibit on display, flew with the 121st Flight of the 2nd Air Regiment in Krakow. Today, this aircraft is considered as the most precious exhibit at the Polish Aviation Museum, but not because of the material value. It is the only saved Polish fighter from the September 1939 campaign, the symbol of the Poland's lone struggle with the German Luftwaffe."
Kudos and respect for Arma Hobby for chosing this one... Esp. for the weekend edition...

.:A & A Models:. Helwan HA-300 #renders

Hello fellows,
Check out the 3D renders of our next 1/72 model kit - Helwan HA-300.
This interesting supersonic interceptor was designed by Willy Messerschmitt for the purposes of Egypt Air Force during 1960s.
Our kit shall consist of 90 pieces including PE sheet and adhesive masks.
Due to its assembling simplicity it means to be a good "weekend" kit.
Дорогие друзья! Представляем Вашему вниманию 3D рендеринг следующей нашей новинки в 72 масштабе Helwan HA-300! Модель будет состоять из 90 деталей, комплекта масок для покраски и фототравления!

 More A &A Models @ 72news.eu:

.:RS Models:. Bücker Bü-133 #2018 [master^z part^z]

New kit from RS models
Bücker 133
Kit contains - parts for A, B, C variants
- two fuselage and engines
- three engine cowlings
- details in photo-etched parts
- three props
- fender for Swiss version
- decals for acrobatic aces : Alex Papana, Otto von Hagenburg,
Liesel Bach, Constantin Cantacuzino, Walter Hörnig, Artur
- Germany, Luftwaffe and foreigner user - Spain, Romania,
Croatia, Brazil, South Africa, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania