.:AirKits:. Polikarpov ARK-5 /just like/ inbox

fantastic colors of Stalins Arctic limousine /target for tonight party: Magadan/

FYI: the decals

via propjet.ucoz.ru
wikimedia commons
More info about this plane @ one of Neil P. blogs:

.:OWL:. #aftermarket sets for SH Focke - Wulf Fw-58 "Weihe"

Owl Resin 1:72 Fw 58 B/C nachtschlacht basic set

OWLR72048 original set was modified and broken down into three sets OWLR72048 Fw 58 B/C nachtschlat basic set, OWLR72065 Fw 58 B/C engine correction set and OWLC72001 Fw 58 B/C cabin.

decals for the bombs!

Owl Resin 1:72 Fw 58 B/C engine correction set

.:Kits-World:. Republic F105D Thunderchief... #decals

  REPUBLIC F105D THUNDERCHIEF 60-0504 'MEMPHIS BELLE II' 357TH TFS, 355TH TFW RTAB (Royal Thai Air Base) Takhli, Thailand, 1967.
The nickname Memphis Belle II refers to the B-17F that carried the same artwork during WWII. The two red stars under the cockpit represent the two MiG kills it claimed during the Southeast Asia War. Pilot: MAJ Buddy Jones.
F105D My Honeypot was the first to reach the 4000 flying hours mark (in February '70) and completed 600 south-east Asia missions in all

The Times They Are A-Changin'
'Moe' Seaver Wiggins Pilot: flew F-105D-25-RE 'Cherry Girl' which spent a year in combat with the 357th TFS, 355th TFW. Takhli, Thailand. Mig-17 shot down by this aircraft on June 3rd 1967.
REPUBLIC F105D THUNDERCHIEF 59-1739 'QUEEN OF THE FLEET' VIRGINIA AIR NATIONAL GUARDF-105D-6-RE, 59-1739, 'Queen of the Fleet' 149 TFS/ 192nd TFG, VA ANG, Richmond ANGB, VA.
Pilot: Maj. Dewey Drauker Crew Chief:T. sgt. Roy Elmes

.:Scratchaeronautics:. Mikoyan Mig-35

and this is the end of the info.
more about
resin kit

 warning: this is not suitable for beginners modellers, as experience needed for assembly. nevertheless free advice offered throughout the building process and replacement parts (if defective or are breaking) also free, shipped by regular mail. instructions included with images of assembly process

attention: models are made by rigorous order, so usually takes about 40/50 bussines days in make copies, packaging and sending (it is aprox !!!!!!!). if you can not wait please do not make a purchase
Made with !CAPSLOCK! F* fury?
[U have been warned?]

.:Eduard:. HIND / Mi-24 in Czechoslovak and Czech service #reissue

Mi-24 1/72 in Limited edition. Dual Combo. Re-edition. The kit will be released in April under the same cat. no. 2116.
- plastic parts by Zvezda
- 14 camouflage schemes
- decals by Cartograf
- colored PE parts
- painting mask
- resin parts
- book about Mi-24 and Mi-35 service in Czechoslovak/Czech AF (in Czech language, translation available per download)
- Velorex tricycle 1/72 kit

Mi-24 v československých a českých služnách Limited Edition - Dual Combo

.:Lonewulf Models:. R4M ^Orkan^ set for fw190D and Ta-152 #inbox

Yummy.➼ http://lonewulfmodels.co.uk/
Aftermarket sets from the west wall of Iron Curtain are rare as hen teth.
Today 72news.eu have a pleasure to present one of them.
Sexy as alt-Hell, simple and genius.
Many sets of the long-nosed-doras... Wait
 1...2...3... Sets of the long- nose Doras /Academy, Hasegawa,Tamiya & Dragon and Aoshima for the ta-152/... screaming for late, steel-made fuel drop tank.
The aftermarket gods are listening and the weekend stasher^s  modellers (like me!)  now have the chance for some joy of the diversity.
late steel fuel tank. Made in the 72scale by... ok. By LoneWulf Models, then Kora.
Hm. Some type of Bag-Art;]
decals set, SOLD separately

old school colours scheme, done in the beautiful black & white
/~typical short~ -run quality(-;/

printed by JBOT 
in-bag. Two sets - of the Orkans

with / w/out the wooden racks

and the steel tank. #wantItNow

.:Special Hobby:. DH Chipmunk... [?]

Ok, already announced in the 1/48.
72 version is  unconfirmed

 In the meantime Special Hobby would like to ask experts on the differences between versions DHC-1 Chipmunk for Canadian and British Air Force [tail, lower parts of the wings surfaces, engine covers, hull hatchs and?]