.:AML:. Spitfire Mk. Vc / VIIIc - four cannons conversion set

AMLA 72052

Conversion set in 1/72 scale.

Designed to be used with Airfix / Eduard kits.

.:Eduard: Mikoyan MiG-21MF #renders (lot^z of)

The work on our new MiG-21MF kit in 1/72 scale is in full swing. The MiG-21MF kit, in two versions, should be available in shops in the first half of 2018.

Práce na konstrukci nové stavebnice MiG-21MF v měřítku 1/72 jsou v plném proudu. MiG-21MF ve dvou verzích bude v prodeji v 1. pololetí 2018.
Another Eduard blockbuster, high tech, high quality.

.:Res - Kit:. _B-8V20A_ rocket launcher #inbox

Just another  inbox:) Courtesy of the Res - Kit Ukraine.

The B8V20 is a podded launcher that holds 20 80mm S-8 Series rockets. They are commonly found on attack helicopters such as the Mi-25
4 pieces, four parts for each... 4 x 4...

.:Eduard:. Redesign of the oldest PE sets and more

Stanislav Müller is re-designing the the instruction manual for the photo-etch that we have designed for the Japanese 1/72 bomber Yokosuka P1Y Ginga/Frances. The original one is from 1996 (pic. no.2). For example, there is no colour distinction between the plastic and metal parts, so it is necessary to update the instruction manuals from time to time. Instruction sheet designers use modern computer programs (pic. no. 4), however, good instruction manuals often need a traditional pen and ink drawing, as you can see on the example from the H8K2 Emily manual, .

.:Hasegawa:. Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull Battleship Observation Squadron LE

Superior scout

The SOC Seagull very nearly missed its date with destiny. This reliable but aging biplane first flew in 1934 and was due to be rotated out in favor of the SO3C Seamew. However, this new plane was a poor replacement and the SOC-3 stayed in service until the end of the war, spotting the fall of shells and scouting for enemy ships. This limited edition kit combo features two models-one with a float and one with wheels plus decals for birds aboard the Colorado and New York.

Decal Options:

  • US Navy Battleship COLORADO VO-4 Code: 4-O-4
  • US Navy Battleship NEW YORK VO-5 Code: 5-O-8

Yellow wings era... Nice:

.:revell:. North American T-6 Texan #reborn

kit. no. 03924
The bad.
The rebox.
#incoming *edit* 21.08.18 Ok. This is a 100% rebox [+new decals] of early 90' kit. No 72scale #newtool from the Revell this [2017!]year.

.:Lift Here!:. Cessna Skymaster x2 resin models

LHM038 (Portugese Air Force) 
FTB337G Milirole; military F337G with Sierra Industries Robertson STOL modifications and underwing hardpoints,

LHM041 Rhodesian Lynx
Lynx : Rhodesian designation for 21 FTB337Gs delivered to the Rhodesian Air Force.
End of the 2017.