Special Hobby:. Fouga CM.170 Magister "French, Belgian and Irish Service"

Source Special Hobby newsletter

The Fouga Magister was a French jet trainer aircraft which was used by a large number of oprators, not only in Europe. This boxing brings decal schemes for  French, Belgian and Irish options.
four grey styrene sprues and one clear canopy sprue.

  • four marking options, two as flown in France (one of which sports an anniversary scheme), one operated in Belgium and one in the Republic of Ireland
  • nicely detailed model
  • resin detail sets also available for any Fouga boxing: Seats Q72227, Wheels Q72228, Pilots and a Mechanic F72306
  • for Israeli boxing, we have also designed armament sets: Unguided Rockets Q72348, Bombs Q72349 and Rocket launchers Q72306.

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