.:ModelSvit:. Mirage IIIB - first test shots

Hello fellows,
We have just accomplished our work on Mirage IIIB (1/72). >Bellow you could find 1st test shoots of its sprues. Few months to finalize decals and photo-etch and the kit shall be released!!!!! Cheers
 Modelsvit meaning is... ModelMornig [?not sure 100% but:)]

.;Italeri:. HEINKEL HE111H #reissued

The medium bomber Heinkel He-111 formed the backbone of the Luftwaffe bomber squadrons during the early stages of the Second World War. It was characterized by the adoption of two engines, like many other aircraft with similar features of the time, but also by the introduction of innovative solutions such as the all-metal frames. Thanks to its two Jumo 211 engines, it was able to reach the maximum speed of 440 km / h and it could load up to 2,000 kg of bombs in the internal loading bay. Easy to identify due to the distinctive fully glazed nose, the wing and rudders profiles, the He-111 was widely used by Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain in 1940. During the years it was constantly improved and upgraded but became obsolete during the latter part of the war. 

.:72news.eu:. It^s time to renew[al]

Dear friedns. It's time to renew my domain, ask my dev friends for some help with the design, widgets etc.
 Or even with some chance - for the camera and better inbox photos (yes, my Panasonic FZ-20 year 2004 is dying, sadly.
So, I'm asking you for some support. Or just good words. Cheers :-)
Adam alias garrett@72news.eu