.:Airfix:. More Vulcan spoilers....

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.:Dekno Models:. British Aircraft Eagle 2 "In L.A.P.E. service"

This 1/72 scale model resin kit, represents, the EC-CBC an aircraft who flew during the Spanish Civil War, enquadred in the L.APE., in the republican side. In his book "Aircraft in the Spanish Civil War", Justo Miranda shows us a version with the Republican flag painted in the wings, I do not have any grafic confirmation, but is refleeted also in the decal sheet as possible version.


.:Italeri:. Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (STOVL Version) + Super Decal

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december 2019
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The Bristol Beaufighter was a development of the successful Beaufort light bomber.  It entered service with the RAF in 1941 and subsequent versions continued in use well into the 1950s.  The Beaufighter IC variant was developed for the Coastal Command and was the first Beau that could carry bombs for strike duties.   Most were fitted with Automatic Direction Finding (ADF) and Standard Beam Approach (SBA) systems to assist navigation and blind landing.
In late 1941, 252 & 272 Squadrons of the RAF Coastal Command were re-established at Idku near Alexandria to support the effort in North Africa.  The missions included escort and strikes with cannon, bombs and torpedoes.  The squadrons targeted German and Italian shipping and ground elements.
This High Planes Plus Pack includes the parts and decals to build an accurate 252 or 272 SQN Beaufighter IC.
Detail set includes:
  • flat tail planes
  • early Hercules III smooth cowls in resin
  • tubular exhaust in resin
  • early oil filter upper
  • five spoke wheels in resin
  • propellor spinner in resin
  • Radio & SBA aerial masts in etched brass
  • Wing pressure sensor in etched brass
  • Decals for RAF 252 and 272 Squadron, Egypt 1942
This detail set is designed to work with the Airfix Bristol Beaufighter TF.X (2015 tool).
Scale: 1:72
Materials: Resin, brass & silkscreen decals
Decal Options: 3

.:Avis:. Annular Monoplane Lee-Richards


Model tests of a new design at the National Physics Laboratory gave promising results, suggesting that an annular monoplane would be aerodynamically stable and have benign stalling characteristics.[2]

The first full-size monoplane was taken for its maiden flight in 1913 by Gordon England. It was found to be stable in the air but was tail-heavy and crashed when the engine failed. England survived to fly the next one.[1]

A second example was built with modified tail surfaces. It was flown by England, C. Gordon Bell and N. S. Percival. It too was stable and was reported to be pleasant to fly. Bell subsequently crashed it, also surviving.[1]

The third and last monoplane to fly was further modified and was also pleasant to fly. It was used regularly until the outbreak of war in 1914. Lee himself then tried to fly it but succeeded only in crashing it into a lake before swimming to the shore.[1] Two further examples were under construction in 1914, with the intention of competing in the next planned Gordon Bennett air race, however they were never completed

.:Special Hobby:. Mirage F.1 Duo PAck #camo

 The Mirage F1 Duo Pack kit accompanied by an excellent Duke Hawkins photographic take on the theme is about to be released and today let us share with you the complete colour schemes which you will find in the kit. Along with the book, the kit will offer also some resin and etched details to correctly portray the various minute differences to some of the more exotic-looking airframes and two complete sets of very finely detailed resin undercarriage wheels. A decal sheet (wow, three of them, actually) printed to utmost quality by Cartograf is a must which almost need not be mentioned now…