.:Eduard:. MiG-21MF weekend

Weekend edition kit of 1/72 scale MiG-21MF kit (Weekend) contains plastic parts from our production and 2 marking options:
- c/n 9668143, 3. Eskadra Lotnicza Taktycznego (3rd Squadron of the Tactical Aviation), Poznań-Krzesiny, 2002,
- MiG-21MF, Free Libyan Army, Tobruk, Libya, 2016.

 Whooa, what a camo... And the one billion of the stencils

.:Special Hobby:. Martin B-10 - heavy metal - 2020

Martin B-10/12 - Special Hobby for Azur/Frrom - for second half of 2020.
The Martin B-10 was the first all-metal monoplane bomber to be regularly used by the United States Army Air Corps, entering service in June 1934.[3] It was also the first mass-produced bomber whose performance was superior to that of the Army's pursuit aircraft of the time

.:Air-Graphic:. New sets on the way

A few other bits we are currently working on.
The NH-90 filters will be available in 2 weeks.
BO105, Sea Skua and Wessex HC2 by the end of the year.
Other new sets will include the correct weapons pylons for the F-35 Lightning

.:Italeri:. MiG-21 Bis ''Fishbed''

The Soviet fighter Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21 is the most widely produced supersonic jet aircraft in aviation history. Commonly known as ‘Fishbed’, the aircraft was a mid-1950’s aeronautical project which in its design followed the natural evolution of arrowwing fighters. The delta wing, shape, high speed, the tremendous manoeuvrability, the
weapons variety and its load capacity, had been the principal factors of its commercial success. In fact, the Mig-21 routinely equipped the fighter squadrons of the Soviet Union and the then Warsaw Pact countries. Beyond Europe the fighter was also widely acquired and operated by global allies of the Soviet Union over a period of many years. The Mig-21 ‘Bis’ version was one of the most technically advanced of its type. Thanks to its powerful Tumansky jet engine the ‘Fishbed’ was able to attain a maximum speed of 2.100 Km/h. Its principal armament was a 23 mm cannon and four underwing areas to load a wide array of further weaponry. The Mig-21’s operational life has been very extensive covering conflicts from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s.