.:Air-GRaphics:. Westland Wasp and Scout decal sheet.

A couple of requests for the artwork of the Wasp and Scout sheet so please find the artwork. This is currently at the printers with Fantasy Printshop so you know the quality. Comes with our usual full colour booklet

.:Azur-Frrom:. Potez 25 A2/B2 and 29 #progress

FR0037 and FR0038, Potez 25 A2/B2 show good progresses. We will later study the possibility of having also a Potez 29. Second mold finished (wings). Release ... later (September ?). Last update : 17 th of May, 2019.

.:A&A Models:. Ye-5/50 announcement

Hello friends,
It was a great weekend for all modellers at Kyiv Scale Modellers Battle 2019. We were glad to participate in this wonderful event and to share with our fans latest news regarding A&A Models.
Following forthcoming releases made debut in Kyiv:
- Yak-23UTI Military trainer (1/48);
- (MiG) Ye-5 pre-series interceptor (1/72);
- (MiG) Ye-50 pre-series interceptor (1/72);

.:Modelsvit:. Antonov An-225 Mriya and M-55 Geophysica

Hello friends,
It was a great weekend for all modellers at Kyiv Scale Modellers Battle 2019. We were glad to participate in this wonderful event and to share with our fans latest news regarding Modelsvit and A&A Models.
Following Modelsvit's forthcoming releases (in 2019) made debut in Kyiv:
- An-225 "Mriya" (1/72);
- M-55 "Geophysica" (1/72);
- Messerschmitt Bf.109 C3 and D1 (1/48);
- Ye-166 Heavy experimental interceptor (1/72);
- Sukhoi Su-17M3 Early (1/72);

.:Brengun:. New releases /Hauler also;)

List of new products:
HAULER   HO (1/87)-stavebnice-construction kits          
HLR87197           Fieseler Fi-103 / V-1
HAULER   TT (1/120)-stavebnice-construction kits         
HTT120077        Ruso Balt Type C
HAULER   N scale (1/160)-stavebnice-construction kits
HNN16007         GaZ-69
HAULER   1/72 -stavebnice-construction kits    
HLP72031           Morris Mk.II
HAULER   1/72 AFV -lepty-photoetched parts  
HLH72085           Umbrella (2pcs)
HLH72086           Fennek (Revell kit)
HLH72087           Leopard 1A5 (Revell kit)
HLH72088           Ural-375 Shelter (ZV models)
HAULER   1/48 AFV -doplňky-etchings and conversion sets       
HLX48390           Umbrella (2pcs)
HLX48391           SAFE
HAULER 1/35 AFV -universalni sety-universal sets         
HLU35113          Lamps and telegraph insulators
HLU35114          Wire mesh container (2pcs)
BRENGUN 1/72 -plastikové stavebnice-plastic kits        
BRP72036           Me P1103 rocket fighter
BRP72037           P-51/ Mustang Ia
BRENGUN 1/144 -plastikové stavebnice-plastic kits      
BRP144012        P-39Q Airacobra
BRENGUN 1/144 -doplnky-accessories
BRL144149         P-39 Airacobra (Brengun kit)
BRL144150         MiG-29 Vacu Canopy (F-Toys kit)
BRL144151         F-106A Vacu Canopy (F-Toys kit)
BRL144152         Su-27 Flanker B Vacu Canopy (Trumpeter kit)
BRENGUN 1/144 -stavebnice-construction kits
BRS144043         Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka model 22
BRS144044         BTR-60
BRS144045         Kaelble Z6R
BRENGUN 1/72 -resinové stavebnice-resin construction kits    
BRS72013           Aero A-18
BRENGUN 1/72 -doplnky-accessories  
BRL72168           An-26 (A-model kit)
BRL72169           An-26 loading ramp (A-model kit)
BRL72170           C-130J Engine set
BRL72171           DH.98 Mosquito two stage merlin
BRL72172           KC-130J Harvest Hawk
BRL72173           Mi-6 Hook
BRL72174           US bomb 250-lb AN-M57A1
BRL72175           US bomb 500-lb AN-M64A1
BRL72176           Me P1103 rocket fighter (Brengun kit)
BRL72177           Trolley for Ohka model 11
BRL72178           Trolley for Ohka model 22
BRL72179           Me P1103 rocket fighter canopy mask (Brengun kit)
BRL72180           Me P1103 rocket fighter Vacu canopy (Brengun kit)
BRL72181           P-51/ Mustang Ia (Brengun kit)
BRENGUN 1/48 -doplnky-accessories  
BRL48111           Gladiator Mk.I (Roden kit)
BRL48112           C-130 flaps (Italeri)
BRL48113           F4U Corsair Diamond Thread Wheels set
BRL48114           F4U Corsair Block Thread Wheels set
BRL48115           F4U Corsair Ribbed Thread Wheels set
BRL48116           F4U Corsair Ribbed/Diamond Thread Wheels set
BRL48117           F4U Corsair Cross Thread Wheels set
BRL48118           F4U Corsair Late Ribbed Thread (late '50s) Wheels set
BRL48119           Me P1103 rocket fighter (Brengun kit)
BRL48120           Me P1103 rocket fighter canopy mask (Brengun kit)
BRL48121           Me P1103 rocket fighter Vacu canopy (Brengun kit)
BRENGUN 1/32 -doplnky-accessories  
BRL32035           US bomb 250-lb AN-M57A1
BRL32036           US bomb 500-lb AN-M64A1
  |clik image for full-res|

.:Modelsvit:. Soviet heavy interceptor Ye-166 #july 2019

 Hello Friends,
Following your requests, we are glad to announce that Soviet heavy interceptor Ye-166 (1/72 scale) shall be released in the first half of July 2019.
The kit comes with PE sheet, adhesive masks, detailed cockpit and open canopy option.
cat.no. 72032

.:Special Hobby:. Canadian Vickers Delta Mk.II RCAF |On snow and water|

Model of the Canada-built Delta fitted with either skis or a pair of floats.
The kit consists of seven sprues, one clear sprue, full colour instructions and a sheet of decals

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Decal options cover two machines with floats and two fitted with skis
  • Unusually-looking aeroplane
Country of origin: Canada / WWII


.:Eduard:. B-58 1/72, Italeri PE set #incoming

Jan Novotný is designig 3 PE sets for Italeri‘s B-58 kit in 1/72 scale, which will be on sale from June. Among them will be pre-painted exterior and interior details of the airplane and a ZOOM set. The extensive interior set will include cockpits for the pilot, navigator and weapon system operator. ZOOM set as well as exterior PE set will be available too.
Jan Novotný konstruuje 3 sady fotoleptů pro B-58 v měřítku 1/72 od Italeri, které budou v prodeji od června. Rozsáhlá interiérová sada bude obsahovat kokpity pro pilota, navigátora i operátora zbraňových systémů. V nabídce najdete i základní sadu ZOOM a sadu s lepty pro exteriér modelu.

 72news.eu comment:
Hard iz to belive O_o
2019 Eduard PE set for "old tooled kit"?

.:Answer Plastic Kits:. CASA C-295 #incoming

Our next project. This time we're starting with 1/72 scale. More details soon...

In polish:Dobry Wieczór w piątkowy...wieczór. 
Mamy nadzieję, że humory dopisują :)
Ponieważ model Sokoła w skali 1/48 jest już na końcowym etapie produkcji, a jego mniejszy 'brat' 1/72 w przygotowaniu, postanowiliśmy ujawnić nad jakim następnym modelem obecnie pracujemy.
Tym razem zaczynamy od skali 1/72, bowiem to 'większa sprawa'. CASA C-295. Rzecz jasna będzie kilka wersji, w tym patrolowe. No i oczywiście polskie C-295M.
Niebawem więcej szczegółów...

.:Italeri:. Fokker F27 Friendship #reissue

Fokker F27 Friendship

The twin-engine Fokker F-27 Friendship was developed during the fifties by the Dutch airplanes manufacturer to provide a valid successor to the old traditional piston engine Douglas DC-3 in service since the World War II. The Fokker F-27 immediately achieved a good commercial success in civil and military uses and it was even produced under licence in the United States. Thanks to its two 2,250 Hp Rolls-Royce turboprop engines the Fokker was able to reach the max speed of 460 Km/h. Since its start of production it was adopted by a lot of airlines that  found in it the best solution for short-haul routes. The adoption of two turboprop engines, compared to traditional piston engines, reduced vibrations and provided an improved comfort on board. The plane was very versatile and was widely used for freight transport activities, troop transport duties and maritime patrol.