.:Azur Frrom:. SMB-2 Super Mystere - stunnig boxarts |x2|

The first two SMB-2 Super Mystere boxes will be at the end of April or early May. We are preparing them for Azur Frrom. Azur Frrom box FR0035 offers French SMB-2 Early and FR0036 offers French SMB-2 Late. IAF SMB-2 will be later this Year in Special Hobby boxes - SH72345 SMB-2 Super Mystere 'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' and SH72359 SMB-2 Super Mystere 'Sambad'. Both IAF SMB-2 kits were tested by Yoav Efrati.

.:Air-Graphics:. Desert Storm decals sheet

The new On-Target Combat Ops 'Desert Storm' decal sheet is almost complete. Just final RAN Seahawk to add. (Thank you RAN Museum, HMAS Albatross at Nowra). The white stripes will be on a seperate sheet.
Artwork by Jon Freeman and printing will be by Fantasy Printshop. This will come with our normal printed instruction booklet and should be ready by June. The sheet will be followed by the AAC Special

.:Modelsvit:. Su-17UM3 and... Su-22UM3K [very, very s00n]

cat. no 72050
Good news for Su-17's fans....
End of April - following kits to be released in 1/72 scale:
Su-17UM3, having 2 camo schemes (Ukraine /USSR);
Su-22UM3K (export ver.) with 4 camo ( Poland /Czech Republic / DDR and Iraq)
Both kits comes with PE sheet, masks, transparent foil for HUD display, 2 canopies (open/closed), pair external fuel tanks, 2 x "UB-16" rocket pods, variable wing geometry.
So,the choice is yours!!!!
 cat. no/72051

.;Modelsvit:.Mikoyan MiG-21F-13

Hello Friends,
Finally accomplished our work on MiG-21F-13 (1/72).
The kit shall be released in the end of April and shall make debut on MOSON show.
Set includes 142 parts, PE sheet and masks, decals for 5 camo schemes (USSR / Czechoslovakia / Syria / Finland/ Vietnam). Armament - 2 x K-13 "air-to-air' short range missiles and pair of FAB-250 bombs.
Hope you like it!

.:Italeri:. B - 58 HUSTLER #reissue

 This 4-engined delta wing bomber came into service with the US Strategic Air Force at the beginning of the 60s and was, at that time, the pinnacle of technology. The B-58 could reach supersonic speeds even at full load and was specifically designed to carry nuclear weapons so as to provide a fast response to a Soviet attack, which, back in the Cold War of the 50s, was considered a constant threat. Kit. no 1142