.:Eduard:. 2019 range... D.VII | Mig-21 | Hellcats| Spitfire

The info below has been extracted from INFO EDUARD January 2019
available for download https://www.eduard.com/news/info-eduard-6/
ie: editorial by V. Sulc, Eduard's CEO.
  • February 2019: Grumman F6F-5 
(...)as a 1:72nd scale Weekend Editon kit
  • March 2019 : MiG-21MF Limited Ed. Czech+Slovak service
March will see the 1:72nd scale itemdubbed ‘MF’, dedicated to the MiG-21MF
in its different sub variant service in the Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak air forces .
  • May 2019: Fokker D.VII. OAW
The Royal Class editon of the Tempest Mk.Vwill be preceded in May by a new 1:72nd scale Fokker D.VII. In principle, this will be a scaled down version of the 48th scale kit, but it will be modifed to the point where the older and larger version will be mostly unidentfable. As with our recent releases, we put quite a bit of effort into simplifying constructon of this kit, and I think that fans of this scale will be satsfied along those lines as well. 
  • July 2019 Hellcat F6F-3
and in July in the form of the F6F-3 ProfPACK kit, also in 72nd. You may expect a very similar collecton of marking optons as with the just released 48th scale kit
  • July/August 2019 [?] QuatroCombo Royal Class Fokker D. VII
we will release a QuatroCombo Royal Class package, likely in the firstcouple of months of 2019. Through 2020, we will release other versions of the Fokker D.VIIfrom other manufacturing plants, such as Albatros (aka Fokker D.VII (Alb)) and including Fokker’s own, (aka Fokker D.VII (Fok)).
  • second part of the 2019 -  MiG-21s in their PF and PFM
There will be some signifcant new releases that will see their premieres this year.
In 1:72nd scale, these would include MiG-21s in their PF and PFM versions. These are being
planned as ProfPACK kits through the secon half of the year. These kits, in comparison to their MF predecessors, will feature some relatvely signifcant design adjustments. These kits will share some of the detail and weapons sprues with their earlier cousins, but will not be clones of the earlier releases,
having version specifc details of their own.
  • October 2019  MiG-21MFN.
 There will be two 1:72nd scaleWeekends, the MiG-21MF Fighter Bomber, aka ‘Grey’, and a MiG-21MFN. The later will be available in tme for E-day

  •  [???] 2019 Supermarine Spitfire HF.Mk.VIII [ProfiPack]
The final one will be the Spitire HF.Mk.VIII in 1:72nd scale, which, through its marking optons , will more or less be a copyof last year’s 48th scale release of the sametype.

  • October 2019 Fokker D.VII MAG
 The MAG will come out in October, it will be available at E-day, and it will also be released as a Limited Editon kit similar to the 48th scale item
That's all folks. Literally.

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