.:Hobby Boss:. Douglas A-4E Sky Hawk #released

The A-4 Skyhawk was designed by Douglas  in response to a U.S. Navy call for a jet-powered attack aircraft to replace the older A-1 Skyraider. Douglas opted for a design that would minimize its size, weight, and complexity. The result was an aircraft that weighed only half of the Navy's weight specification. It had a wing so compact that it did not need to be folded for carrier stowage.
     A-4E, including new Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6A engine with 8,400 lbf (37 kN)) of thrust, strengthened airframe with two more weapon pylons (for a total of five), improved avionics, with TACAN, Doppler navigation radar, radar altimeter, toss-bombing computer, and AJB-3A low-altitude bombing system. Many later upgraded with J52-P-8 engine with 9,300 lbf (41 kN) thrust;499 built.
cat. no. 87254

.:CtA:. ECM Intruders #decals

Grumman EA-6A Intruder, Bu.No. 156982, AJ/615, VMCJ-2 Playboys, USS America, September 1971.

Grumman EA-6A Intruder, Bu.No. 147865, AA/610, VMCJ-2 Playboys, USS Forrestal, February 1970.

Grumman EA-6A Intruder, Bu.No. 156980, RH/611, VMCJ-1 Golden Hawks, USS Coral Sea, April 1975.
Perhaps one of three aircraft from Det 101 based at USS Midway, and cross decking to USS Coral Sea during evacuation from Saigon.

Grumman EA-6A Intruder, Bu.No. 156984, RH/624, VMCJ-1 Golden Hawks, USS Midway, August 1975


cat.no. TA7204 

The hardest version of the Viggen to replace was definetely the photo reconnaissance version, which for decades was one of the best reconnaissance platforms in the world. Some say it’s also the best looking Viggen version. Finally, it’s available in a very limited edition from Tarangus!

src:  http://www.tarangus.se/2019/07/16/new-in-1-72-scale-the-photo-recce-sf-37-viggen

.:AirGraphic:. New sets for juni/juli

 June/July releases. (All 1/72 Scale)
C-130 Hercules bulged wheel set
Martin Baker Mk10B-1 (Hawk) Ejector Seat with early headbox
Eurofighter Typhoon full weapon pylon set
Hawk 100 cockpit set
F-18E/F/G Super Hornet wing with dropped flaps
Sky Shadow ECM Pod
BOZ107 Pod
Tornado nose correction set for Hasegawa kit
Replacement set for Wessex fuel tank including new tank masters and pylon.
Hobbart Starter Cart
M113 Australian Army Update set (Vietnam War)
CS-08 AAC Gazelle AH.1 Update set
AIR72-006 Gulf War/Desert Storm Part 1 Decal sheet
AIR72-007 Wasp/Scout Decal sheet

.:Air-Graphics:. Westland Gazelle AH.1 upgrade set #released

CS-08 1/72 Scale Westland Gazelle AH.1 Update set has arrived and will be ready shortly. Price is £25.00 
Masters by Colin Pickett and cast by Tomas Vlach. This really is a superb set and includes all the Westland Upgrades including the Gulf War sand filter and exhaust modification, new tail, rotors, rotor head and full interior. Stunning!