.:Avis:. Short S.4.Satellite

"Parkers Tin Kettle"

The Short S.1 Cockle was a single-seat sport monoplane flying boat, with a novel monocoque duralumin hull. It was underpowered and so did not leave the water easily, but it proved that watertight and corrosion-resistant hulls could be built from metal. /Wikipedia/

When it was built and registered as G-EBKA the Air Ministry objected to the name on the reasonable grounds that the Short Stellite might well be confused with the Short Satellite, built at much the same time; it was therefore renamed the Short S.1 Cockle. It was the smallest flying boat ever built at that time. A contemporary source claimed it to be "the first light seaplane to be built [in the United Kingdom] and possibly in the world" and the first British all-metal flying boat.

src: http://scalemodels.ru/news/13433-anons-Avis-1-72-Short-S-4-Satellite--Short-S-1-Cockle.html

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