.:Arma Hobby:. Hurricane I – photoetched parts and decals

Hurricane Mk I Expert set model kit contains additional accessories for upgrading plastic parts: photo-etched parts sheet and canopy masks. Today we start to look closer at the model. And the accessories included are presented first

Hurricane model kits with photoetched parts

src: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2018/09/29/pe-and-decals/

.:Res_Im:. L-159 Alca #progress

The preparation of L-159 Alca is already under way. Unfortunately it'll not be ready for Eday 2018 yet because there is a problem that must be solved before releasing. The release is postponed to the end of October. The model will be full resin as we have already announced. Firstly we will offer you single seat, followed by twin seat and finally limited edition. For this moment we would like to introduce you side view of first of two planes at least.

.:Arma Hobby:. Hurricane Mk I Model Kit Development

The release of the Hurricane Mk I model kit is very close. So we have started a series of articles about model features, colour schemes and pilot’s stories. Today first – list of changes in model design made in the „last minute” before tooling.
When Hurricane model kit was announced, we have received many emails from modellers. Also, we have followed model forum discussions about the model. We have realised that some details have to be corrected. So tooling was slightly delayed to make corrections. 3D renders below shows changes in model kit design (yellow outlines).

.:AirGraphic:. HH-65A Dolphin correct dog house/engine deck for Dream Model

 Just arrived:
HH-65A Dolphin correct dog house/engine deck for Dream Model kits. Can be used on Revell kit with modification.

.:Special Hobby: .P-40K-1/5 Warhawk |Short Tail|

A model of the P-40K-1/5 Warhawk US WW2 fighter aircraft which featured a short fuselage and an enlarged tail fin. The kit contains: three sprues with grey styrene parts, one sprue with clear parts, decal sheet and full-colour instructions. The decal sheet offers markings for four machines:
P-40K-1 (42-46040), white 13, pilot 1Lt. Robert J. "Crash" Overcash, 64FS, 57FG, Africa, May 1943 (5 victories)
P-40K, white 23, senior lieutenant Nikolai Fedorovich Kuznetsov, 436 IAP, 239 IAD, 6. Air Army, North Western Front, the Soviet Union, Winter 1943. (25 victories, 12 shared)
P-40K-5 (42-9768), white 255, Maj. Edward "Big Ed" M. Nollmeyer, CO 26 FS/51 FG, Kunming, China, December 1943. (5 svictories)
P-40K, white 15, 25. FS, 51. FG, Assam valley, India, 1944.
  • detailed and extremely accurate model, apparently the best P40 in 1/72
  • very easy assembly
  • eyecatching marking and colour scheme options
  • accurate decals