.:Freightdog:. Meteor and Canberra sets

 Gloster Meteor NF.14 corrected nose set

Replacement resin nose of correct length, for the Xtrakit/Matchbox Night Fighter Meteor kit. The original kit parts supplied for the NF.14 option are too long, the nose should be the same length as the NF.12. Our master includes panel lines and intakes applicable to the NF.14. This set also includes a pair of tropical intakes as fitted to NF.14 aircraft operated by 60 Sqn in Singapore (intakes not shown). (designed to be used with Matchbox, Revell and Xtrakit kits)
A pair of correctly sized and shaped tip tanks for British built Canberra bombers. Designed to replace the undersized parts in the S & M/AMP kits, they are also applicable to other British Canberra kits including the vintage Airfix B(I).6 and later B(I).8 kit tanks which are the wrong shape. Two sided tanks are included. (designed to be used with Airfix, AMP and S & M kits)

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