.:Xtradecal:. Messerschmitt Me-262B-1/ Avia CS 92 #decals

Messerschmitt Me-262B-1a (9)
W.Nr 111643 B3+ZM 4/KG(J)54 Found ay Vlatov Czechoslovakia;

Captured at Zatec, Czechoslovakia;
White S 111/EJG2 Lechfield 1944;
White 17 111/EJG2 Lechfield Oberst Hans Trautloft 1944;
WNr 111639 possibly NAGr6 now at NSA Willow Grove USA;
WWNr 110635 Red 10 IV/NGJ11 Schleswig in Luftwaffe or RAF Markings;
WNr 110306 Red 9 IV/NGJ11 in USAF markings;
Avia CS-92.3 V-31 of the VL�š Scientific Aviation Institute, September 1947

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