.:Print Scale:. Liberator//Marauder//Venom + new print tech. #decals

Dear friends! Today we are happy to present you a new quality of our decals. 
Some elements are printed on the new technology, which allows you to make your models more realistic. 
To achieve guaranteed success, we recommend that you test on items that are not used by you.
Consolidated B-24 Liberator / 72-324 /
1. B-24M-30-FO 44-51508 'Stripped for Action' elown by 1/Lt. Dougall McCallum of the 425th BS, 308th BG, India, 1945.

2. B-24J-30-CO 42-73303 'FROZEN. Hot To Go' of the 9th BS, 7th BG.

3. B-24J-205-CO 44-41294 'TAYLOR MAID' of the 375th BS, 308th BG.

4. B-24M-15-FO 44-50857 'Home Stretch' of the 436th BS, 7th BG

Martin B-26 Marauder / 72-325 /
1. B-26B-45-MA 42-95752 'Wine, Women & Song' B/N 29 flown by 1/Lt Joseph R. Armstrong of the 442nd BS.

2. B-26C-45-MO 42-107854 'Miss Des Moines' B/N 30 flown by Lt Forrest D. 'Tex' Harte of the 442nd BS.

3. B-26B-MA 41-17853 'Cindy' flown by Lt. Arthur 'Art' Johnson of the 444th BS.

4. B-26B-3-MA 41-17959 'Miss Fortune' flown by Capt. Theodore M. Dorman of the 444th BS.

5. B-26B-MA 41-17853 'W' 'Cindy' B/N 81 flown by 1/Lt Jack A. Kisler of the 444th BS.

6. B-26C-45-MO 42-107752 'Miss Arkansas' B/N 88 flown by Lt Leo A. Lampman of the 444th BS


De Havilland Sea Venom / 72-326 /
1. Sea Venom ECM.Mk.22. Unit: 831 NAS, FAA. Serial: 381/CU (WW221) RNAS Culdrose, circa 1963.

2. Sea Venom FAW.Mk.22. Unit: FRU, FAA. Serial: 733/VL (XG729) RNAS Yevilton, circa 1966.

3. Sea Venom FAW.Mk.21.Unit: 894 NAS, FAA. Serial: 486 (XG 686) HMS Eagle, circa 1956.

4. Sea Venom FAW.Mk.21. 801 Sqn.,Naval Air Squadron. HMS Albion, Royal Navy, 1956.

5. Sea Venom FAW.21. WW281  '095', No.893 NAS, HMS Eagle, 1956.

6. Sea Venom FAW.21. XG 693: 492-A of 894 Squadron FAA. HMS Albion late 1950s. Black and white shark’s mouth and red and black tip tanks.

7. Sea Venom TT.53 WZ 944 873 of 724 Squadron RAN, Nowra, NSW on 13 October 1969. Yellow bands on booms. Black and yellow target towing stripes on lower fuselage and under wings, upper surfaces Aluminium.

8. Sea Venom TT.53 WZ906:209-M of 724 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy, Nowra NSW or HMAS Melbourne in early 1960s. Blue tip tanks with yellow lightning flash.

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