.:Arma Hobby:. Decals for P.11c kits and hist. background for the markings [part one]

for expert set - printed by Cartograf and Junior by Techmod

“White 2” from Cracow’s Museum…

World’s only preserved PZL P.11c airplane, in collection of the Cracow Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Polish Aviation Museum), is a machine from the 121. Eskadra Myśliwska (Fighter Squadron) marked with “white 2” tactical number and 8.63 military serial. During the fights of September 1939 it was flown by, among others, 2nd Lt. Wacław Król, excellent pilot and one of the leading aces of the Polish Aviation. Król was an officer of the Cracow III/2 Fighter Wing. This unit, in September 1939 including two squadrons (121. and 122.), was the first Polish fighter group which clashed with the German invader. Here is their first combat story.
Third squadron of the Cracow Wing, armed with PZL P.7a fighters 123. Eskadra Myśliwska, already in August 1939 has been incorporated into the Pursuit Brigade defending Warsaw. Read more on this topic in the article about PZL P.7a “white 5” of 2nd Lt. Erwin Kawnik.

PZL P.11c, 121. Fighter Squadron from Cracow, in 1939 in „Kraków” Army. Today the only preserved „eleven”. After September campaign captured by the Germans and displayed in Berlin. After the war in Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. Marking scheme of the Museum example.
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