.:Arma Hobby:. Decals for P.11c kits and hist. background for the markings [part one]

for expert set - printed by Cartograf and Junior by Techmod

“White 2” from Cracow’s Museum…

World’s only preserved PZL P.11c airplane, in collection of the Cracow Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Polish Aviation Museum), is a machine from the 121. Eskadra Myśliwska (Fighter Squadron) marked with “white 2” tactical number and 8.63 military serial. During the fights of September 1939 it was flown by, among others, 2nd Lt. Wacław Król, excellent pilot and one of the leading aces of the Polish Aviation. Król was an officer of the Cracow III/2 Fighter Wing. This unit, in September 1939 including two squadrons (121. and 122.), was the first Polish fighter group which clashed with the German invader. Here is their first combat story.
Third squadron of the Cracow Wing, armed with PZL P.7a fighters 123. Eskadra Myśliwska, already in August 1939 has been incorporated into the Pursuit Brigade defending Warsaw. Read more on this topic in the article about PZL P.7a “white 5” of 2nd Lt. Erwin Kawnik.

.:Wolfpack:. Grumman F6F Hellcat Wing Fold set

WP72061 1/72 F6F Hellcat Wing Fold set (for Eduard 1/72)
  • F6F Hellcat Wing Folded set for Eduard 1/72
  • Detailed folding wing set for Eduard 1/72 F6F Hellcat Series,
  • Total 10 Resin parts
  • A5 color printing manual included

.:Print Scale:. Liberator//Marauder//Venom + new print tech. #decals

Dear friends! Today we are happy to present you a new quality of our decals. 
Some elements are printed on the new technology, which allows you to make your models more realistic. 
To achieve guaranteed success, we recommend that you test on items that are not used by you.
Consolidated B-24 Liberator / 72-324 /
1. B-24M-30-FO 44-51508 'Stripped for Action' elown by 1/Lt. Dougall McCallum of the 425th BS, 308th BG, India, 1945.

2. B-24J-30-CO 42-73303 'FROZEN. Hot To Go' of the 9th BS, 7th BG.

3. B-24J-205-CO 44-41294 'TAYLOR MAID' of the 375th BS, 308th BG.

4. B-24M-15-FO 44-50857 'Home Stretch' of the 436th BS, 7th BG

Martin B-26 Marauder / 72-325 /
1. B-26B-45-MA 42-95752 'Wine, Women & Song' B/N 29 flown by 1/Lt Joseph R. Armstrong of the 442nd BS.

2. B-26C-45-MO 42-107854 'Miss Des Moines' B/N 30 flown by Lt Forrest D. 'Tex' Harte of the 442nd BS.

.:Eduard:. Spitfre HF Mk.VIII #august 2018 [Weekend Edit]

Weekend Edition kit of British WWII fghter
aircraft Spitfre HF Mk.VIII in 1/72 scale.
The kit is focused of Spitfres Mk.VIII with
pointed wingtips.

.:Air-Graphics:. New resin sets for juni 2018 /Pelikan & Devon/

Just going to the resin casters are the following:
Dove Engine and Wheel set
Toyota Aircraft Tractor
Jaguar wings with dropped flaps for Italeri kit
Merlin folding rotor blades
Phantom EMI Recce Pod
MB326 Cockpit
Hawk T1 Cockpit
Hawk T1 dropped wing flaps
HH-3 Pelican Conversion Set
Tornado GR1/IDS Correct Nose

We have also started the research on the AMX and T-45C Goshawk injection moulded 1/72 scale kits and the resin kit of the Type W weapons loader
Other news is the commission of new 1/72 scale Bedford RL Lorry and the Austin Champ. Both in resin