.:Revell:. C-54D Skymaster 70th Anniversary Berlin Airlift [#released]

 The Soviet Military Administration began the blockade of West Berlin in June 1948. Transport flights to resupply the approximately 2.2 million citizens began shortly thereafter. Douglas C-54's were mostly used and christened Raisin bomber by the grateful population. Around 2.1 million tonnes of supplies had been flown in by the end of the blockade in 1949.

- Finely structured surfaces
- Detailed under-carriage
- Rotating propeller

Authentic representation of the following versions:
  • - Douglas C-54D Skymaster, Air Transport Command, Airlift Berlin, 1948
  • - Douglas C-54D Skymaster, USAF, Airlift Berlin, 1948
  • - Douglas C-54D Skymaster, US Navy, Airlift Berlin, 1948

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