.:Airfix:. Vickers Wellington Mk. IC - boxart and markings

 During the early months of the Second World War, the importance of the Vickers Wellington long range medium bomber to Britain’s war effort cannot be overstated. Tasked with carrying out early bombing raids against German targets in conjunction with around 300 strike aircraft in service with Bomber Command at that time, including Hampdens, Whitleys and Blenheims, the Wellington was Britain’s most effective means of striking back at Germany and helped to establish a concerted bombing campaign which would rage throughout the conflict. In the month in which we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the famous ‘Dambusters Raid’, it is significant to note that the Wellington was another product of the brilliant mind of ‘bouncing bomb’ inventor Barnes Wallis and utilised his geodetic construction method, which endowed the aircraft with great strength and impressive combat survivability. This inherent strength would be called upon in dramatic fashion on the night of 7th/8th July 1941, when a brave Wellington crew battled to save their burning bomber and resulted in one of the most extraordinary aviation related incidents of the Second World War.

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