.:Xtradecal:. English Electric Canberra B.2 (six like... Cannbera!)

English Electric Canberra B.2 (6)
WD999 9Sqn RAF Binbrook took part in Queen's Coronation Flypast July 1953;
WD980 617 Sqn RAF Binbrook 1954;
WH640 109 Sqn RAF Hemswell 1953;
WH655 249 Sqn RAF Akrotiri Cyprus 1958;
WJ608 Swifter Flight, El Adam, Libya 1959;
WKii1/Q100 Sqn RAF Raynham 1973.

/new subject on the market {a #new tool) and brand spankin'new decals sheet from the XD... I really, realy love them!)


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