.:Azur- Frrom:. Renard R-31

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Alfred Renard designed the R-31 in year 1931. The prototype, fitted with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel, made her maiden flight on the 16 th of October 1932, with Charles Rooms on commands. Flying tests began in November. A second prototype, fitted with a Lorraine Pétrel engine, was unsuccessfully tested. An initial order of 28 aircraft was passed in March 32 (the standard aircraft were slightly modified, with a dihedral wing of 2 degrees and an improved oil tank). Production started in 1934, a second batch of 6 R-31 was ordered in August 1935.
The R-31 were put in service in 9 th escadrille « Blue Sioux » (11 R-31 in May 1940) and 11 th « Red Sioux » (10 R-31 on same date), based in Bierset (Liège). The 9 th moved to Duras, on 10 th of May 1940, then to Steenokkerzeel, to Grimbergen on the 13 rd, Hemiksem on the 14 th, Nieuwkerken-Waas the 15 th, Zwevezeele the 17 th, Lombarsijde the 26 th, where two aircraft were lost on landing. The 4 R-31 still remaining in flying conditions were sabotaged by the crew on the 28 th of May.

  • Pictures of test shots, first sprue


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