.:Airfix:. Martin B-26B Marauder #reissued again

Vintage modelling @ full speed
  • Scheme 1: ‘Flak Bait’ 449th BS 322nd BG 8th AF
  • Scheme 2: 42-96165 6B-T 'Big Hairy Bird' of the 599th BS, 397th BG
Overcoming a challenging service introduction due to its relatively high landing speed, the Martin B-26 Marauder went on to be regarded by many as the finest twin engined medium bomber of the Second World War, boasting some of the lowest combat loss rates in the US 8th and 9th Air Forces.

.:NH Detail:. Mil Mi-22 and Mil Mi-10 sets

A72-065 Mil Mi-22 Detail set for AModel (72149)
A72-066 Mil Mi-10 Detail set for AModel (72172)

More info - at site  http://scalemodels-bg.com/nhdetail/?language=en

.:Special Hobby:. Super Mystere - first testshot images

It has been a while since we have announced the 1/72 and 1/48 brand new kits of the French Super Mystere jet. Here we are so happy to be able to share with you the very first photos of the 1/72 scale sprue samples we received literally just a few minutes ago. Now we are going to examine the samples thoroughly and begin the rather strenuous and time taking process of debugging the moulding tools and depending on the outcome of this process, it could be possible for the first examples to reach the market later this year.

.:Dora Wings:.Percival Vega Gull, civil registrations.

The winners of the "Schlesinger Race", C W.A. Scott and Giles Gutnre, 1936
February 1938, Nicosia, Cyprus, Alex Henshaw
Beryl Markham, flight across the Atlantic, September 1936
1952 Kings Cup air race, Joan, Lady Sherborne
...and [belive us] the decals sheet!

.:Attack Squadron:. – brand sold to new owner!

The Attack Squadron models and accessories have gained a lot of popularity. Therefore, the end of their production by Arma Hobby, met with a stir in the modelling world. Arma Hobby focuses on the production of plastic models, but it is already known who will continue the production of resin models from Attack Squadron. Read the statement:
Arma Hobby proudly informs that production rights to Attack Squadron resin kits and accessories range were sold to Mr Jan Sobotka, the owner of Hauler and Brengun model kit brands. They will be continued under brand Brengun in future.
Attack Squadron accessories for Polish plastic kits and Arma Hobby resin kits remain the property of Arma Hobby.