.:XtraDecal:. Hunting Jet Provost T.3/T.3a/T4/ T51/T52

(decals 4 10 subjects)

Replacing X72250 revised.
T.3 XN577/45 RAF College Cranwell 1960's Overall Silver with Fluorescent orange panels;
XP629 Manby College of Air Warfare, 'The Macaws' Overall Lt Aircraft Grey RAF Collerne 1968;
XN554/60 CFS RAF Little Rissington 1968;
XN605/9 6 FTS RAF Acklington 1967
T.4 XR679 79(R) Sqn TWU RAF Brawdy 1984 Green/Grey Camo;
XR679 79(R) Sqn TWU RAF Brawdy 1989 Barley Grey;
T.51 CJ711 6 Sqn R.Ceylon AF 1971;
T.52 No 101 S.Arabian AS 1965;
E040 Venezuelan AF Palo Negro 1964;
T.52 103 Kuwait AF 1960's
[Jet Provost T.3/T.3a]

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