.:SBS Model:. Morane 315 - how to desing the 3D printed model

And this is THIS.
High lvl of the desing, crisp and sharp detail.
And - gettin'the facts - a INDIE manufacturer.
Yep, 72scale.eu blog readers. We are in the not-so-mainstream hobby.
A indie hobby.
Don't expect so much from the Big Ones.One, two new kits per year? So low.
Our hobby habitat moving slowly from the products made by BIG producers to - well - the another ones, from friend to friends.... Buy and support.
And from time to time - support the bloggers too(-;
(expect - of course - some crazy, 120% ~new t00l~ kamikaze marketoids😝 )

 Hi Everybody, Tomorrow we go to Nürnberg Toyfair, so here is a new announcement, a new resin kit for 2018! 1/72 Morane 315 from SBS Model. More to come!

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