.:Hasegawa:. Spitfire Mk.I & Bf 109E & He 111P/H "The Air Fight Over Dunkirk"

trio of titans

The Battle of Dunkirk tested the mettle of troops from many countries. Early on, RAF pilot Colin F. Gray's Spitfire was severely damaged in a dogfight against a Bf 109. The skirmish sent the Spitfire into a dangerous dive, yet Gray miraculously landed safely. By WWII's end, Gray had 27 kills, making him New Zealand's top flying ace. This limited edition kit combo features a Spitfire Mk.I model with two RAF marking options, plus a Bf 109E kit and one He 111 kit with one Luftwaffe marking option each.

Decal Options:

Spitfire Mk.I
  1. RAF No.54 Sqn Pilot Officer: Colin F. Gray Code: KL-N May, 1940
  2. RAF No.74 Sqn Captain: Adolph G. Malan Code: ZP-A May - June, 1940
  1. Bf109E-4 Luftwaffe 1./JG1 Staffelkapitän Hauptmann Wilhelm Balthasar White-1 (W. Nr.1559) May, 1940
  1. He111H-2 Luftwaffe 1./KG54 Code: B3+DH May, 1940

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