.:Eduard:. Guns! Turrets! Lights! Rockets! [Riders in the Sky]

As you know, our upcoming WWII four-engine bomber aircraft kit, the Liberator GR Mk.III and GR Mk.V „Riders in the Sky“, in 1/72 scale also include two unique sprues designed by Eduard, with parts needed for conversion from B-24 to Liberator GR Mk.III and GR Mk.V.
You can see all the conversion parts we made for this kit in the following photo-gallery.
- A-6A rear turret Consolidated 5800-3
- Boulton-Paul Type E Mk.II rear turret early type/ late type
- Dumbo chin radome
- Waist gunners windows (Nash and Thompson Type FN55 mount)
- Leigh Light (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leigh_Light)
- rocket projectors with unguided rocket projectiles
- Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propelles with narrow blades

The photographic book, which tells the story of Coastal Command Liberators GR Mk.III & GR Mk.V, with a special focus on No. 311 Squadron RAF, will be also a part of the kit.
This Limited Edition kit will be available at the Eduard Store from March 1, 2018 under cat. no. 2121

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