.:IBG Models:. [...] 4x JAP tanks #ACHTUNGPANZER {guest_stars}

 Yep. You are still on the 72 _aircraft news_.
But our friendly insiders from the IBG models sent us some nice pic of upcoming releases.
72scale fans stays together(:

we would like to announce 4 brand new kits to be released in 2018! First - Type 3 Chi-Nu will come out in the end of February.
1/72 - Type 1 Chi-He - Japanese Medium Tank
1/72 - Type 2 Ho-I - Japanese Infantry Support Tank
1/72 - Type 3 Chi-Nu - Japanese Medium Tank
1/72 - Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai - Japanese Medium Tank
In the attachment you can find all 4 boxarts and pictures of built prototype (please mind the lack of PE parts, which will be included in final product) and sprues of the Chi-Nu tank

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