.:Kineticmodel:. Boeing C-17 Globemaster III... #renders [again]

.:IBG Models: ... for 2018... Incoming PZL [11!] S.T.O.R.M.

  • 2508 — PZL.23 Karaś II — already annouened in the  2017
  • 72510 — PZL.23B Karaś Romanian Service
  • 72511 — PZL.37A Łoś
  • 72512 — PZL.37Abis Łoś
  • 72513 — PZL.37Abis 2 Łoś
  • 72514 — PZL.37B I Łoś
  • 72515 — PZL.37B II Łoś
  • 72516 — PZL.37B Łoś Foreign Service
  • 72517 — PZL P.11a
  • 72518 — PZL P.11b
  • 72519 — PZL P.11c
  • 72520 — Secret Item
  • 72521 — PZL P.11f
  • 72522 — Secret Item
  • 72523 — PZL P.24 
  • IBG... The Storm Bringers...
...and the flamewars with the rivetcounters... Can't wait #no

.:IBG:. Catalog 2018 #tommorow

Scale 1:72
It's a aircraft?
Or... Maybe a tank...
Or maybe a aircraft family?
Or a 1/72 tank line?
Tommorow! ZULU 1430 [GMT+1]
via plastikowe.pl https://www.facebook.com/modelarstwo/photos/a.10150279143269602.379961.99822454601/10156212202499602/?type=3

.:Modelsvit:. Mirage 4000

Super Mirage 4000 in final approach!

In store from the first week of March, at 35 € 95 the unit! We offer you the pre-order pre-sale model until February 20:

- 1 Box = 31 € 95 + postage

Shipping costs for France will be between 6 AND 8 euros for France according to the quantity ordered.
For Europe, from 10 € to 14 € depending on the quantity and country concerned.

Find the preorder on Ebay and the website! http://www.bassin-maquette.fr/index.php

 and Modelsvit shares more info:

Long-expected news for the fans of the French Aviation.
In close cooperation with- Bassin Maquette soon to be released 1/72 Mirage 4000...The sales shall be initially launched only by our French client...price info bellow.
Check-out soon for renders....the kit is really great!!!
Hope you like it!

.:Eduard:. [how to]bake a cake or the aftermarket for "Riders in the Sky"

In spite of that the release of our Liberator GR Mk. III/V kit in 1/72 scale, is planned for the beginning of March, however we are already working on accessories that will make your model even better. Designer, Karel Mišák, has completed his work on the engine design, and now he is working on the bomb bay rocket projector design. Irena Hanušová is working on the instruction manuals. The set ‘B-24 engines 1/72‘, cat. no. 672171, will be available from March 2018, and the bomb bay rocket projector a month later.

.:Rs Models:. 4x Bücker 133 dual combo^s

 As we have previously announced, Bücker 133 is our new model joining our range of 1/72 models. You may noticed, that all four new boxes include 5 decal variants each and they are mentioned in left corner. All decal variants from (back side of boxes) will be available soon. So far, a little tasting

.:A&A Models:. Helwan HA-300 #boxart for march 2018 release

Hello everyone!
The development of HA-300 reaches its final stage, estimated release in March.
Bellow you could find the artbox of the kit.
Здравствуйте, разработка HA-300 находится на завершающем этапе. Ниже представлен артбокс новинки.

.:Eduard:. Riders in the sky #boxart

Boxart by Forkasiewicz[?]
Coastal Command Glory.
And of course one of the most famous stories ever.
And Czech Squadrons:
German blockade runner Alsterufer burning after having been attacked No. 311 Squadron RAF