.:Res-Kit:. ☰GBU-12 ☰ laser guided bomb #resinSet #inbox

The GBU-12 Paveway II is an American aerial laser-guided bomb, based on the Mk 82 500-pound general-purpose bomb, but with the addition of a nose-mounted laser seeker and fins for guidance. A member of the Paveway series of weapons, Paveway II entered into service c. 1976.

This Res - Kit set  as usual - comes with practically top-side open box...
 packed very well
 ...and the bomb
 made with sharp resin
 More nice sets in the 72scale on this blog: http://www.72news.eu/search/label/Res-Kit

... and stencil set, Begemot printed


 + inst. manual.
the better half of the Ju-88 fuselage is not a part of this set(-;
Thx to Jana from the Res-Kit for sending us this sample for the inbox-review.

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