.:Arma Hobby:. Announcement of the PZL P.11c

Announcement of the PZL P.11c model in 1/72 scale

/Txt and pics: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/
The first model planned for 2018 is the PZL P.11c model in the 1/72 scale. The model will be released at the beginning in two boxes: Expert Set and Junior Set. Developing the set was quite a challenge. The project gained a lot thanks to the experience gained during the development of the PZL P.7a and Fokker E.V. We tried not only to be faithful to the original but also easy to assemble. We took care of the mapping of corrugated iron and many, so far treated with neglect in detail models, such as the interior truss with installation details, machine guns, antenna masts and lifting hooks. We are especially pleased with the projection of the bottom of the front part of the fuselage, with the fuel tank, hooks on the chassis tendons and blinds. The model is in the process of starting the production of moulds. Below are 3D renderings of the model, plastic parts and sprue

.:AIMS:. Ju 88 P-1 conversion for Revell Ju 88 A-4 kit

3D printed master /with 1/32 scale brother/
Announced http://www.72news.eu/2017/02/aims-junkers-ju-88p-conv-set-for-revell.html
Coming later this year 1/32 and 1/72 Ju 88 P conversion for Revell kits plus in April small stand alone decal option in 1/48 for Dragon Ju 88 P kit


.:Hasegawa:. EA-18G Growler USS Nimitz CV-11 CAG Limited Edition

Quite the bite. Unlike many fighters, the Growler’s primary role is to keep other craft alive by jamming the systems of enemy fighters and missiles. That’s not to say that the Growler doesn’t have a bite, though. Under-wing hard points can carry missiles for dogfighting. Introduced in 2009, the EA-18G received its first combat test in the skies over Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn, supporting the UN no-fly zone. This limited edition kit features decals for VAQ-142 “Grey Wolves” aboard USS Nimitz.
Decal Option: US Navy USS Nimitz VAQ-142 “Gray Wolves” CAG Code: NH500 2017
 The Boeing EA-18G Growler is an American carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft, a specialized version of the two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet. The EA-18G replaced the Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowlers in service with the United States Navy.

.:RS Models:. Kawanishi E15K1 #reissue

1. Kawanishi E15K1, 1st prototype, 1942

2. Kawanishi E15K1, Air Technical Arsenal, 1943

3. Kawanishi E15K1, Air Technical Arsenal, 1943

4. Kawanishi E15K1, I.J.N. Cruiser Oyodo, 1944

.:Italeri:. Grumman KA-6D Intruder #reissue


The A-6 Intruder entered service in the mid-60s as ground attack carrier based aircraft to replace the outdated planes as the propeller-driven A-1 Skyraider and the A-3 Skywarrior. The Grumman Corporation developed and designed the A-6A, based on U.S. Navy specifications, a twin jet-engine all-weather medium attack aircraft able to operate from the American aircraft carriers. The “Intruder” was characterized by a sturdy and robust fuselage and by the two side by side seats cabin configuration for the pilot and the weapons officer. To satisfy the U.S. Navy operative needs of having a tanker aircraft providing aerial refueling support to strike aircrafts, in 1970 the K-A6D version was born. Directly derived from the A-6A airframe, the K-A6D was fitted with an internal hose and reel refueling package and with the adoption of extra underwing pylon tanks.