.:Special Hobby:. HAL Ajeet Mk. I “Indian Light Fighter” #released

HAL Ajeet Mk. I “Indian Light Fighter” 1/72
In 1950, WE Petter, who was famous for designs such as the Lysander, Whirlwind and Canberra joined Folland company. By this time modern jet aircraft were becoming bigger, more complex and expensive as their performance increased and as a result the development and operating costs were rising too. WE Petter decided to pursue a different approach to the modern jet-fighter philosophy by designing a light-weight fighter aircraft which was to have been powered by a pair of low thrust turbojet engines although this was later changed to a single power unit as their power output of jet engines increased. By choosing to build this new jet aircraft to the smallest overall dimensions possible and with only the very basic equipment required for the job this kept the total overall price down to only a third of the price of a standard jet fighter bomber of the day yet it would offer similar performance to these much bigger and more expensive jets. The initial design incorporated a pilot lying in a prone position in the nose of the aircraft and a twin engined configuration which was used in the Fo.139 Midge test aircraft which had been designed and built to assess the aerodynamical features of the future Gnat.

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