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More Phantom exclusives

With our new McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 scheduled for a triumphant December release many visitors to the Airfix stand at Scale ModelWorld this weekend will be hoping to see a built example of this fantastic kit on display, almost twelve months to the day since the model was first announced. They will not be disappointed, as this will be just one of the many impressive models we will have available on our stand for closer inspection over the weekend, but you didn’t think we would leave our loyal Workbench readers out did you? In advance of the Telford show, we are proud to exclusively reveal this selection of Phantom FG.1 build images, which illustrate just how splendid this new kit is and will surely serve as inspiration for many Phantom model builds to come – enjoy.

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A selection of beautiful Phantom FG.1 model sample images, which are being shown for the first time on Workbench

Two classic poses for Fleet Air Arm Phantoms in the seconds before launch from HMS Ark Royal

Since the moment our new Phantom FG.1 tooling was announced, we knew this was going to be an incredibly popular addition to the 1/72nd scale range and the release of these latest images will only help to confirm its popularity. With initial supplies of this kit certain to be in high demand, now is the time to check the status of your order with your model supplier, or to place your pre-order before it is too late. For anyone who unfortunately misses out on the initial release, we will be receiving further Phantom supplies early next year, so please keep checking the Airfix website for the latest delivery and stock information.

North American’s Mitchell reveals its magnificence

The stunning box artwork that will accompany the release of our new 1/72nd scale North American B-25C/D Mitchell

Although it is quite difficult to think of anyone who would not be impressed by the majesty of a Royal Navy Phantom, modellers with an interest in Second World War subject matter may be slightly more excited to hear that the new North American B-25C/D Mitchell will also be making its first appearance on the Airfix stand at this weekend’s Scale ModelWorld show. Known colloquially as the ‘Magnificent Medium’, the Mitchell proved to be one of the most versatile aircraft of WWII and saw service from patrolling the home waters of North America, to island hopping during the savage fighting in the Pacific Ocean. Announced in the first edition of Workbench published in 2017, the new Mitchell did not appear at Telford 2016 and this year’s show will be the first opportunity many modellers will have to cast their eyes over the impressive B-25.

As one of the most effective strike aircraft of WWII, the Mitchell will be a popular addition to our 1/72nd scale range

Also scheduled for release during December, the new B-25C/D Mitchell will be making its Telford debut over the coming weekend and will be presented in the scheme of a US based aircraft which was tasked with patrolling vast areas of coastline to counter the threat of marauding enemy submarines. North American B-25D Mitchell 41-30409 ‘Lady Jane’ was assigned to the 23rd Anti-submarine Squadron, 26th Anti-submarine Wing, operating from Drew Field in Tampa, Florida. Flying lengthy protection patrols over the Gulf of Mexico in conjunction with single engined O-47 observation aircraft, this unit was part of the Army Air Forces Anti-submarine Command, who made great use of the extremely capable North American Mitchell, one of the most advanced aircraft available to them at that time. The unit also flew US coastal defensive patrols prior to the establishment of the AAFAC, in the wake of the infamous Pearl Harbor attack.

Yet more exclusive build images for Workbench readers, this time the beautiful new B-25D Mitchell

At the peak of their operating power, the Anti-submarine Command had around 25 squadrons at their disposal at bases around the US, until these patrols were taken over by US Navy units. B-25D Mitchell ‘Lady Jane’ wears the attractive and distinctive scheme adopted by many of the AAFAC aircraft, featuring white under-surfaces, with an olive drab and dark green upper-surface camouflage and will make a handsome scheme option for modellers. The magnificent build images featured above illustrate just how impressive this new kit is and underline why the B-25C/D Mitchell is destined to become a popular addition to our 1/72nd scale range of WWII aircraft kits. As is the case with the Phantom images shown earlier, these pictures are exclusive to Workbench readers, who will be viewing them before the actual models are examined by visitors to this year’s Telford show...

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