.:Air Graphic[s]:. Westland Lynx AH.1gt #conversion set

1/72 Scale Air-Graphics resin accessories to be released during October:

AIR.AC006 Bae Hawk rear air brake set for Revell kit
AIR.AC023 Tornado GR.4 Update set (Clear resin)
AIR.AC042 GUU-20 Practice Bomb Dispenser (F-104)
AIR.AC044 Jaguar GR.1/3 clear resin nose
AIR.AC045 Mk28RE Nuclear Bomb
AIR.AC051 MB Mk.14/SJU-5A Ejector Seat (F/A-18 Hornet)
AIR.AC052 DJRP Recce pod in clear resin
AIR.AC053 TCTS/DATA Link training pod
AIR.AC054 Jaguar GR.1/3 chaff/flare dispensers
AIR.AC056 Tornado Hindenburger Fuel Tanks
AIR.AC057 CF-104 Starfighter wheel set
AIR.AC058 Hunter F6 wing with detailed intakes
AIR.AC059 Sea King Sand Filter
AIR.AC060 Sea King HAS1 radome
AIR.AC061 Sea King HAS5/6 radome
AIR.AC062 RP36 Recce Pod (Clear resin nose)
AIR.AC063 MBDA MICA Missiles (4 in pack)
AIR.AC064 Westland Scout Set 2
AIR.AC065 GBU-27 Paveway II 1000lb bombs
AIR.AC066 Sea Harrier Drop Tanks
AIR.AC067 Harrier GR.7/9 Wheel set
AIR-CS04 MB339C Conversion Set
AIR-GSE7202 Vickers 4x4 RN Deck Tractor
AIR-GSEa7204 RN Deck Crew
AIR-GSEa7205 RN Chopper Crew

These will only be available via the web site


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