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Junkers Ju-52/3m (6x)

  • Lufwaffe WL+KLQ Ambulance aircraft with Red Crosses on wings and fuselage RLM61/62/63/22;
  • 22x62 3a Escuadrilla ‘Tres Marias’ Spanish Civil War 1936 RLM61/62/62/22;
  • Hungarian AF Ambulance aircraft Eastern Front 1942 RLM70/71/65;
  • RAAF 450 Sqn ‘Libyan Clipper’ Sgt P. Pearson North Africa 1942;
  • Royal Rumanian AF No 12 RLM70/71/65 Eastern Front 1942;
  • French Navy 10.S.15 Escadrille de Servitude 10, Le Luc France 1956 Overall aluminium;

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