.:Special Hobby:. Nakajima Ki-43-III Ko Hayabusa #reissue

 limited re-release of our earlier and succesfull 1/72 Nakajima Ki-43 Ko Hayabusa model.

October 2017
One of such pilots was without any question Capt. Hideo Miyabe, commander of 64th Sentai, stationed in Burma in autumn 1944. The decals in our model cater for markings of his machine that sported an arrow on the fin as the 64th Sentai marking. Other two options cover a 48th Sentai machine from Nanking in China 1945 and a 65th Sentai machine stationed in mainland Japan in 1945. Of note is that the 65th Sentai was light bomber unit and their Hayabusas were to be used in the fighter-bomber role. The kit contains two sprues of grey plastic parts and a frame of injected clear parts.

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